Better Holiday Moments {Sponsored}

“Ok, now say Merry Christmas,” I coax my two crazy rambunctious boys, as I try desperately to capture a holiday moment on video. They wiggle and squirm finally screaming the holiday greeting loud enough for the neighbors to hear.


I live for holiday moments like these and so do my family and friends.


Santa 2013


We love sharing photos of our Christmas trees, kid’s holiday concerts and the ultimate visit with Santa. Often when I’m out on the run with these two rambunctious boys, it’s hard to lug my big camera around. So, thank goodness I have my trusty cell phone so I don’t miss one happy holiday moment. And thanks to US Cellular I can share them on the go without missing the fun with apps like Instagram and Vine.


I’ve been using Instagram forever. Gone are the days of uploading photos to separate sites and waiting, and waiting and waiting. Instead Instagram allows you to share to multiple social sharing sites with one click. I can share all our holiday hijinx without missing the fun.


While I’m an old pro at Instagram, Vine is something new. I love messing around with new technology and I can’t wait to create cute Christmas morning videos of the kiddos.


What holiday moments will you capture?


Perhaps you can …


  • Share a holiday recipe.
    Let your friends and family see the behind-the-scenes work as you whip up your favorite holiday meals or desserts. Recipes on Vine and Instagram often show preparation or presentation tutorials. You can take your followers through step-by-step directions so they can try it on their own.
  • Send holiday messages.
    Calling your loved ones is always important, but try mixing in personalized Vine or Instagram videos you can send and tag them in. With access to U.S. Cellular’s high-speed nationwide network, you can upload and share your greetings quickly, even if you’re away on a holiday vacation.
  • Show off holiday lights.
    Bring the photos of holiday lights strung around your home or neighborhood to life by making a video of them. You could start a time lapse video of you putting them in place or showcase any special effects.
  • Follow hashtags for promotions.
    There are a number of brands that utilize Vine and Instagram to promote their products or specials, especially around the holidays. Search for their verified accounts and see what they have to offer. Some brands even ask their users to create videos based on one of their hashtags, so they can select winners to claim prizes.


While I may never share a recipe {you don’t want to see me cook} I know I’ll be looking for some. Hopefully I’ll find some good last minute deals following hashtags for promotions and sales, because even though Christmas is a week away I still haven’t completed my Christmas list.


How about you?


If you still need to cross some people off your list, US Cellular has some great gift ideas. A case, shell or skin to protect a precious phone {aka memory grabber} would make a sweet stocking stuffer. Or a US Cellular Bluetooth Headset for the multi-tasker, or for the young at heart the Griffin TC Monster Truck, you can control the truck with a virtual dashboard. I know a man-boy who would love that.  And of course US Cellular is your one-stop shop for iPhones, and iPads.


After reading that list I think I might actually be done shopping.


Well, I’m off to make more Holiday Moments and cross off my Christmas list.


Happy Holidays!


US Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade

The Nitty Gritty: Through the rest of the year I’ll be sharing some more of My BETTER MOMENTS as a US Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade Ambassador. All opinions are my own and an honest view of my story as a US Cellular customer.

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