Bigger Picture Moment: Kid Day Not Mom Day

“Please stop yelling,” I whispered harshly to my little ones. We were grocery shopping on New Year’s Eve, and they were acting like lunatics. Ok, maybe I thought they were acting like lunatics. Everyone we passed smiled at them, but I couldn’t decide if they were smiling because the boys were funny or  if they were holding back evil laughter and thanking god those weren’t their kids. Whatever it was, I was mad and I was going to make sure the world knew it.


“Ugh…the New Year is going out like a lion,” I lamented in a FB post. Luckily I wasn’t alone in my lamenting. However, I didn’t want it to be this way.


I had envisioned my time with the boys over winter break as a Norman Rockwell-esq Facebook post, complete with a cute Vine video of them laughing and playing in the snow. Ummmm….not happening.


Instead I was subjected to snipes, grumbles, mumbles and temper tantrums. To be honest after the first day home I didn’t really want to be with them. Those kids are cray cray and they don’t come with a volume control either. I figured by the time break was over I’d need to be committed to an insane asylum {or I’d just volunteer so I could watch TV in peace} and I’d be deaf.


I was looking forward longingly to my mom-day on Monday, one whole day that I  “intentionally” took off from work, in order to reboot my soul. A day to just sit alone in the house. Maybe read a book, or binge watch some episodes of Glee and pin crap off Pinterest that I’d never do. This day was my out…my oasis in the chaos.


Then with one phone call it all fell apart – school was cancelled for Monday. Mother Nature, thwarted my plan. I swear she doesn’t have children, otherwise she would have understood my disappointment.


The grouchiness grew and as I snapped my gazillionth “no” of the day, I looked at my FB page of rants, and my one word that was staring at me from the screen, and I said, “no more.”


If I want to live intentionally with these two boys I need to join in the fun {no matter how crazy} and just “be” with them.


I said “yes” to playing games and trains.


I took deep breaths and counted to 10 {A LOT}, but patience won over irritation.



I lived in the moment instead of looking toward escaping to the next.


And when the phone rang again on Monday announcing no school for Tuesday I danced a little happy dance in the kitchen.


My eldest and I spent the whole day alone together. We went to Target {of course}, but we also cleaned, and played some games, watched a movie and bonded over dragons and Star Wars.


Our relationship was mended.


I said no less and he said yes more.


We were a mother and son instead of enemies.




Turns out my soul didn’t need a mom day it needed a kid day.

2 thoughts on “Bigger Picture Moment: Kid Day Not Mom Day

    1. Definitely! My one word this year is Intentional and I think this post is the epitome of what I want to emulate this year. The difference in my son’s attitude toward me after we spent some quality {not quantity} time together was amazing. Thanks for stopping by.

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