Bigger Picture Moment: Temporary

I walked back into my office last Thursday smiling. It was a “good” day, we had just finished E’s conferences and his teacher gave him a glowing report. He’s outbursts are few and far between, he’s reading well, and likes to participate. Everything I had hoped for him was coming true.


Then the bottom dropped out.


The frustrated texts began.


With each one my blood began to boil.




Then BAM!


It took only 2 hours and our son, had been suspended from the After School Program for a day due to an outburst.


2013-10-04 18.42.30


Then I was informed that from now one I’d have to drop BOTH kids off at school every morning {which takes an hour}.


This was not how I had envisioned the night going.


I grew angrier and angrier. Then bitterness swept in. The “what ifs” started too, those never help.


I went to bed with tears in my eyes and doubts in my heart.


The next morning was a new day full of sunshine.


I vowed to myself that I would not let last night’s debacle taint the day for it was only a temporary setback.


In truth, everything was still ok.


Our angst and irritation were only temporary and we needed to move forward. Three year olds don’t have time or patience for moody parents.


So, I whispered the words “I forgive. I forgive …” Granted everyone in my house {including myself and the cat} Grace, and started a new day.


Because these moments are only temporary.


 This is 40


As I learned that day in a split second life can just up and pull a switchero on you, and you might be left with tears or smiles.


While I prefer smiles, not everyday can be full of unicorns and rainbows. There needs to be both good and bad, happy and sad.


Each moment may seem like forever and anyone that has a child will tell you that. When babies don’t sleep and you feel like it will never end. BAM! The next day they sleep 7 hours straight and wake up talking.


Because moments are temporary.


2013-10-11 08.11.31


On days like Thursday I grow fustrated with the kids. The whining, the outbursts, the temper tantrums, but I remember THIS is only temporary and there will be a day when there will be no more whining, outbursts or temper tantrums. I’ll be left alone at the kitchen table while they run off with friends, head to college and eventually start families of their own.


Because it’s all temporary.


So we must capture each and every moment and live through it, feel it, and remember it, whether it’s good or bad because nothing lasts forever.


Because our time here is only temporary.

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