A {Breathe} Sound Bytes of the Week

This time next week the hoopla will be over, the decorations will begin their slow migration back into hibernation. I look forward to it and yet become sad. It’s vicious tangle of emotions.


However, I will not dwell too far into the future that I forget to live in the moment.


This glorious time of year when most the music that comes from computer is full of happiness, joy and love {as long as you ignore “Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer”} This year I’m REALLY trying not to feel overwhelmed by shopping, making and doing. However, since Mother Nature decided to bless us with an ice rink this morning I’m a little nervous that tomorrow’s mother daughter shopping trip may be thwarted. I also spaced off and forgot to drop off teacher gifts…I’m a little on edge.


While my toes creep closer to the edge I will refrain from jumping off the cliff and succumbing to the Holiday Hustle. I will not jab people in line with my boney elbow or rush the doors of Target just to buy a gift card. Instead I will breathe and remain realistic that it may or may not take us 8 hours to buy 12 gift cards … Breathe, just breathe.


The best way to breathe is through jolly belly laughs brought on by the Sound Bytes of the Week.


3. Me: “Are you excited for Santa?”
     G: “No, he steal all our gifts.”
    Me: No he doesn’t he gives gifts.”
     G: “No mama he steals our gifts, our roast beef and our fire log.”

Perhaps someone has been reading the Grinch too much.


2. “No Santa I want to see Herky.”

Yep, we live in Hawkeye Country.



1. E: “For Christmas I want to be an elf and help Santa.”
    G: “I want to be a cobra.”
    E: “I don’t want a cobra-brother.”

Then the conversation turned to eating cobra and G told us he ate cobra for lunch at school. I can never say dinnertime is boring.


I have five more hours at work then I get to slip-slide home. Can’t wait to go shopping with my mom tomorrow, it’s been a LONG time.


May you have a VERY happy holiday, and hopefully you won’t have to eat cobra.


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