A {Brightside} Sound Bytes of the Week

It’s been a tough week. One in which the words don’t come easy, nor does anything else. I often wonder WHY??? Why are things so hard for some and so easy for others? During weeks like this I try to think back about who I wronged and why KARMA is now screwing with me.


Then I read a FB post or random blog post and I slowly realize that my shit storm really is more of a drizzle, and there’s always a Brightside. So I took a closer look at my “tough” week and there was a little more sun than I thought there was. For instance ….


I had to go into work at 7 am on MONDAY and I stayed there till 5:30. Brightside I earned myself some nice comp time.


There were no definitive answers during my PT appointment, but at least there wasn’t any MAJOR issues. Which means I’ll be able to run again.

 Runner Stretches


It was a hectic week at work with budget meetings, deadlines and walk-in tours at 4 pm on a Friday, but I have a job and it’s going well.


E got suspended from the after school program for one day, and in three hours our semblence of a weekly schedule was officially shot to hell. However, his conference was stellar and compared to last year he’s doing FANTASTIC at school, and we had flu shots today anyway so the suspension was a moot point. Oh, and  I found forgiveness and GRACE in my heart … that’s a doozie.


I guess if you start to look at the Brightside of things there might be a little more sunlight than shit, and that’s a good thing.


Another good thing are the Sound Bytes of the Week, because they are the brightest parts of my days.


3. “He’s colder than a bald sheep.”

Now that is cold.


2. “No bad beautiful mommy.”

At least Little Red’s anger is now complimentary {Brightside}


1. “Mommy I can see your bum. But mommy where is your wiener? It’s missing.”

After I died of embarrassment, I died again laughing so hard, because he started having a full on temper tantrum wondering where my wiener was. Even though I explained over and over that girls don’t have wieners. Note to self, just lock the bedroom door from now on.


Well I’m off to enjoy a nice weekend at home. The hubs said we are unpacking EVERY. SINGLE. BOX this weekend…we shall see…


I also plan on taking a nap and hanging out in my PJs most of the weekend. We will see who succeeds.


Whatever happens I’ll make sure to find the Brightside.




Have a BRIGHT weekend!


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