Give it a TRI: PiYo

It snowed.


Not once, not twice, but three times in the past two weeks.


Not only is it snowy, but it’s so cold my contacts freeze to my eyeballs each time I step outside. Not cool Mother Nature, not cool.


The frigid weather has made it extremely hard to leave the house for my early morning workouts. While I could have skipped them and just cuddled with the hubs in our nice cozy bed, I didn’t.


Instead, I pulled out my PiYo video.


I’m not one for working out at home. It’s hard for me to concentrate on my workout when I’m worried about the kids destroying the house, or the piles of laundry staring at me. However, the cold weather made me change my mind.


Plus I wanted to try something different.


During triathlon training seasons one of my biggest obstacles was core strength.I used to attend weekly Pilates classes, but my schedule has changed and I can’t seem to fit them in anymore.


A few of my friends told me about PiYo and thought it would a great replacement. The workout is a combination between Pilates and Yoga, which may sound harmless, but it’s a burner of a workout.


There’s a handy “training” calendar included with the DVDs and the workouts build in intensity throughout the weeks. I was skeptical at first, and little annoyed by some of the poses. They are difficult to say the least.




However, by the third week I was PiYo planking like a pro.


I’m still including my normal weight lifting and kickboxing workouts into the weekly workout plan, but the addition of PiYo has improved my posture and core strength.


If you haven’t tried PiYo and are looking for a nice low impact, intense workout, it would be the perfect addition to your workout plan.


I’m not a Beachbody Coach, but I do know a few. If you are interested in adding the PiYo DVD to your fitness library, click here and find a coach nearest you.

Give it a TRI: Nutrition is my Nemesis

It’s 7 am, my sweat session is complete and I’m off to start the rest of the day.


Rushing through the door I’m greeted by Little Red who is apparently starving. After fetching him a bowl of cereal and a “snack” I turn around only to be greeted by BigE who is also starving. Cue more cereal.


At that point the cat starts crying for food too, and I think to myself, seriously am I ever going to be able to shower.


Late as usual I make my way through the shower, get dressed, get everyone else dressed, load up in the car, speed all the way to school, barely stopping to let BigE out of the car. Drop Little Red at preschool, and listen to him cry the entire way out the door.


Finally, I arrive at work and the moment I sit down my stomach roars. In all my rushing to feed everyone else I forgot to feed myself. The banana I had at 5:45 that morning was only faint memory as my stomach started its hunger cries.


This isn’t the first time this has happened nor will it be the last. I’m sure I’m not alone in this forget the food thing.


As an athlete nutrition is so important and yet, it’s my nemesis.


When I talk with other athletes there always seems to be a divide. There are those that love to eat healthy – the fitness foodies. Then there are the Fitness Fanatics – the ones who would rather work out for two hours instead of watching what they eat.


I’m one of the latter.




In the beginning of my fitness journey my food issues were apparent. It was the enemy, calories in calories and definitely don’t eat any fat. Over the years, I’ve learned that low calorie doesn’t mean healthy.


In fact, people should be looking more at the chemicals they ingest than the calories. However, in obvious cases these can go hand in hand.


My goal over the past year or two has been to eat clean. Fresh from the garden or the produce aisle, which a bit difficult when you have a phobia of green food. However, thanks to a few friends who have introduced me to green ice cream and gluten-free options, I’m starting to branch out a bit.


My of us who embark on fitness journeys have bucket lists. Sometimes these lists include races, accomplishments like Yoga inversions or box jumps. I have all these items on my list too, but one top items is start eating healthy.


I’ve contemplated doing the Whole 30 and would love any feedback you all have on the program. Also, if you’ve tried any nutrition program or hired a dietician I’d love to hear about that too.


Even though I’m an athlete I’m by no means perfect, and just as every superhero has a nemesis so do I, and it’s time to beat it.

Give it a TRI: Back at the Starting Line

I glance at the clock, sweat dripping down my face.






Starting Line


The sounds of feet making contact with punching bags practically drowns out the deafening pop music.


20 minutes are left.


20 freaking minutes.


I seriously feel like my lungs are going to explode and my legs feel like limp noodles as I kick the bag.


Six months ago I would have cruised through this workout. Even possibly throwing in a three mile run afterward. Now I can barely make it through half the class.


This is what happens when a triathlete stops working out.


I mentioned so many times this summer, how triathlon training had become more of a burden than a blessing. My mojo had left the building and went on an extended vacation.


Approximately a SIX month vacation. Shortly after my race, we took a trip to Clearwater beach. While I swam in the ocean and walked everywhere, I still ate and drank my way through Florida.


I returned home, in a lazy summer haze. My lazy summer extended into a lazy fall, and eventually I found myself ten pounds heavier and completely out of shape.


Hence, the noodle legs in kickboxing.


So, what does a triathlete do when she stops working out?


Well, she starts over.


All of you who are doing the Couch to 5K or have just started on your fitness journey, I’m right there with you at the starting line.


We all have moments when we fall off the proverbial wagon, even competitive athletes. Little by little I’m getting back to where I used to be.


Just the other day I didn’t even look at the clock during kickboxing, and I didn’t feel like passing out after class.


I’d say that’s winning.


Starting Line