Mom Style Files: It Begins with the Coat

Why hello there.


I haven’t forgotten our Cold Weather Cute Mom Style Files Challenge.


Cold Weather Cute


How could I?


The weather here dropped to a balmy -25 {yes you read that right} It was like Antarctica out there. Without the penguins and polar bears of course.


In these frigid temperatures it became obvious that the key to Cold Weather Cute must revolve around the coat.


Without a proper coat, you might just end up a human icicle frozen to the sidewalk for eternity.


This winter, I switched jobs and went from climate controlled garage parking to public parking ramp with a three-block walk. It didn’t take long to realize my cute vintage pea coat wasn’t going to cut it.


Cue search for the perfect, cute and cozy winter coat that could withstand the Polar Vortex’s wrath.


I looked at a few department stores and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for – a down parka-length coat with fur hood. There were loads of coats, but either they weren’t in my size, or didn’t have all the elements I was looking for.


Then I opened my mailbox, and found the answer I was looking for – my Land’s End catalog was featuring winter coats and the perfect coat was on the cover.


But would it keep me warm.


There are three elements a winter coat needs to be cute and functional.


Down vs. Synthetic

Down is great at keeping you warm, but if you are planning skiing or sledding with the kids Synthetic will keep it’s shape better. Down has a tendency to bunch up and hold moisture.


A Hood

Sure you can wear a stocking cap, or beanie, but when it comes to keeping out the Iowa wind, nothing beats a fur trimmed hood.



There are three general lengths when it comes to coats, and the longer the coat the warmer you are.

There’s the jacket which hits at the hip.

Lands End Jacket


The parka, which hits around the knee or thigh.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.33.55 PM


The full-length, which falls around the calf.

Lands End Full Length Coat


After looking at coat after coat in the Land’s End catalog and online, I checked fill type, temperature recommendations, length, hood styles and of course color and cuteness factor.


And finally decided on this …


Lands Coat Mine

The tulip-hem down coat in black.


For a split second I pondered the antique spruce color {like the one above}, but thought a neutral black would stand the test of time better, and I could always brighten it up with fun scarf or hat.


The coat is the perfect length, short enough to show off my cute skinny jeans and long enough to cover my tush.


Combining the unique tulip hem and the simple belt created a slimming silhouette, in what could have easily become a bulky shapeless lump under all that down.


Of course the hood was a necessity and it has come in handy during those sub-zero temps.

Land End Coat Mine

My Land’s End coat is the perfect mix of cute and cuddly.


Now it’s time to accessorize.


Check in next week {and I promise it will be next week} when I introduce accessories.

Mom Style Files: Cold Weather Cute

Cold Weather Cute


It’s snowing.


Large flakes that by morning will add up to seven inches or so the weather man says. I’ve lived in Iowa my whole life, this isn’t my first snowstorm, and dressing for winter weather is second nature to me. However, dressing stylish in winter…well, that’s a little different.


I have two winter coats.


My favorite, I’ve mentioned before, the vintage bright green pea coat from my Grandmother. Over the years it’s taken a beating and this year I finally had to retire it, until I can get the lining and the buttons mended.


Vintage Wool Coat


In the meantime, I wore winter coat number two, A Columbia parka from my college days. You know the kind with a zip-out lining, so it’s two coats in one. It’s a fully functioning coat. However, it looks more at home on the ski slopes or a football stadium than the morning commute to work.


Winter Coat


It was time for a new coat.


My cold-weather uniform needed an update.


I’m sure we’ve all said, “It’s about being warm, not necessarily looking stylish.” But seriously, shouldn’t we be able to have both.


A girl should be able to look adorable no matter what the temperature, or if she has hat hair.


This month’s Mom Style Files, Cold Weather Cute, will help you {and me} find adorable outwear that we’ll want to wear through summer.


Are you a mom and a fashionista?

I’d love to feature you on Mom Style Files, just email me at RedheadReverie{at}gmail{dot}com

Mom Style Files: A Few of My Favorite Things {#msfiles}

Mom Style Files is in its second year, and while this year has been a bit bumpy with Melissa’s departure {I miss her so} and my own crazy schedule. I stuck with it and plan on doing more with this feature in the upcoming year. Until then here are a few of my favorite fashion finds for you to add to your holiday wish list.


Mom Style Files Favorite Things


Hotter Shoes

I have two pairs of boots and a pair of shoes from Hotter, and my feet thank me every day. Not only is Hotter fashionable, but the are comfortable too. My black Seville boots are like wearing slippers, they are that comfy.


Hotter Seville Ankle Boots


{Made} Community

My first piece of Made Community jewelry was an infinity necklace, and I received so many compliments on it I couldn’t resist buying more. I now own, the love birds, a feather necklace, a pair of hoop earrings, the abundance bracelet and my favorite the third eye necklace.

Rachel and Tiffany over at Made Community also donate 9% to local non-profits. So when you get you also give.


Made Infinity Necklace


Little Bra Co.

A little satin and lace can make a girl feel special. The bras at Little Bra Co. are gorgeous and are the perfect fit for those of us who are cup-challenged.


Yvonne The Little Bra Company


Stitch Fix

It’s no secret how much I love Stitch Fix, but did you know they offer gift cards. Who wouldn’t love a personal stylist for Christmas?


Stitch Fix Closet #FixPIx #Stitchfix



I’m all about getting a deal and finding unique fashion. Revival is the perfect mix of both – with inexpensive vintage finds and trendy new creations my closet is filled with one-of-a-kind fashions.


Revival full Shot


There’s my gift list for the fashionista in your life.


Did I miss one of your favorites? Tell me about it.



Are you mom in need of style advice or a fashionista with a flair for mom style? Contact me and you could be featured in the next installment of Mom Style Files.