A {New Adventure} Sound Bytes

The air was chilly, my hands shook as I clutched my coffee cup. I walked up the steep stairs and opened the glass doors. It was as if I had stepped into a different world.


There was life here.


My eyes didn’t know where to focus. They flitted around the room from the group of guys playing Mario Cart to the small group of creatives engaging in a heated political discussion.


My heart began to beat out of my chest. My brain was in overdrive, and I began questioning my decision. “Do I really belong here,” I wondered.


Then a familiar face greeted me.


The butterflies in my belly began to calm down, and I was able to gather my thoughts and form an intelligent conversation.


It was my first day at my new job.


New Adventure 1


That was Monday and ever since my life has been a whirlwind of endings and beginnings. Meeting new friends and saying, not goodbye, but “see you later” to the old.


I had been at my former job for six years. That’s six years of memories, tears, sweat and relationships packed into a box.


It was all so ironic. I wasn’t even looking for a job. I was happy, blissfully content and then a chance meeting and boom! I had a job interview and was offered my new position within 24 hours.


At first I was annoyed about giving one month’s notice at my other job, but in the end I was grateful for the time.


The transition has been an adjustment to say the least. Instead of working with people twice my age I’m working with people younger than me. Like so much younger, if I would have been a teen mom I could have given birth to them.


But here’s the thing. I don’t feel old, I don’t feel out of place. We just gel in this crazy magically creative way. We eat and breathe social. It’s our lives, and while I loved my old job, this new adventure is jolting something inside me that has been dormant for so long.

New Adventures

For years I had been searching for my creative mojo, and now I’ve finally found it. So much so that it’s overflowing into my everyday life.


I’m more passionate about blogging, writing and I’ve even found some energy to decorate the house a bit.


All this creativity has sparked my energy level too. I’m not as tired at the end of the day, my brain is constantly buzzing with ideas.


I’ve found myself again, and it’s beautiful. My writing is still choppy and fragmented. Kind of like the thoughts in my head, but I have no doubts that the flow will come again. If not it’s ok, at least I’m creating something.


Speaking of creating and energy and mojo and all the wonderful things that make life awesome, my boys have been providing me with some excellent Sound Bytes.


   3.  BigE: “What do you think the cat does while we are gone, mom?”

   ME: “I’m not sure buddy. What do you think he does.”

   BigE: “I’m pretty sure he has cat parties and invites his friends.”
I’m pretty sure the cat does have parties while we are gone. Look at him. Doesn’t he look like he’s been partying.


   2. LittleRed: “What’s this new soap mama?”

   ME: “It’s Very Berry.”

   LittleRed: “No I think it’s farts, because it’s stinky like farts.”
I live in boy world so everything just comes back to farts.


   1. LittleRed: “I’m the boss of you BigE.”

   BigE: “No one is the boss of anyone except God.”

   ME: “How do you know about God?”

   BigE: “My friend G talks about God, and he has a book that talks all about him.”

   ME: “You mean the Bible?”

   BigE: “Yeah, the Bible. We need one of those.”

If you can’t tell we aren’t much of a church going family. I’m a spiritual person, but we don’t talk about GOD much or anything, so this came as a total surprise. Also, it’s nice to know he’s picking up some good things too from his friends.


Well, I’m off for a big meeting about This is My Brave. Oh, yeah, because my life isn’t busy enough with the new job I thought I’d just produce a show in May. If you feel inclined we’d love your support.


Then I’m off to my new job, where I’ll Tweet the day away. If you are on Twitter pop over and say “hi” I’ll be there.


Have a great weekend and BE CREATIVE today!


New Adventure 2

A {Kickoff} Sound Bytes of the Week

SBOW Aug 29


Why hello there long time no see.


Yeah, I’ve been a blogging slacker, but I don’t care. This summer I threw the blog to the wind and lived the good life. Racing, soaking up the sun, fishing and getting crazy with family and friends. It was marvelous.


Now it’s fall.


School has started.

First Day 2nd Grade

Football will start tomorrow.



It’s time to get to get to work.


No more slacking or relaxin’ {well maybe SOME relaxin’}. I’m pretty sad summer is on the way out. Usually I’m so over summer by now, but we’ve been blessed with such mild weather, I haven’t reached my “I’m so hot I’m going to die, make this summer be over” phase yet. It will probably happen in October, which wouldn’t be so bad because then I could wear a cute Halloween costume and not worry about wearing a coat…you know priorities.


Anyway, let’s just get to what you came here for – The Sound Bytes of the Week.


Big E: “Why do you have to shoot people?”
Little Red: “Because I’m a good guy and good guys have guns full of peanut butter.”

And…that’s the rationale of a four year old. All guns contain peanut butter, I’m sure the NRA will love that.


“I know buddy, but I can’t control the days of the week. If I could I’d make every day a Stay Home day.”

I totally wish every day was a Stay Home day too.


“We are filled to the brim with shows.”

Yes, they watch too much TV and even they think so .. at least on that day.


Well, that’s all from here. We are taking the boys the football game tomorrow, and they say it’s going to rain so that should be LOADS of fun.


Have a great Labor Day weekend and hopefully you get in some slackin’ and relaxin’ in.



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A {Last} Sound Bytes of the Week

Lest you think this is actually the last Sound Bytes, I will squelch any rumors and let you know that it is indeed not.


SBOW 6-6-14


It is actually just the last day of school – FINALLY.


Big E’s actual last day was supposed to be the third, but thanks to our nemesis the Polar Vortex plans changed.


We stopped and had a celebratory last day cinnamon roll at our local coffee house before I sent him on his way today. He’s become a such a little man, and I see so many wonderful changes happening – like we are actually enrolling him in a summer camp. Last year we had so many reservations, but this year, I know he will have a blast. Seriously, who wouldn’t. They get to swim everyday and they have field trips – wait can parents sign up? I could really use a summer vacation.


Luckily the hubs and I are planning a solo vacation in a couple weeks, and I’m literally counting down the days, hours and minutes until our plane leaves.


In the meantime, we are in full baseball mode with both boys enrolled and every single night of the week we spend at some sort of ballpark. However much I eye-roll I truly love it. My dad wasn’t much for having me enroll in sports or activities and I think giving this opportunity to our boys is benefiting them in so many ways.



Home Run

Just check out Big E’s First Day and Last Day photo…notice the self-confidence, and his anxiety level is down too. Even though he’s attending a camp where he may not know anyone, he’s still cool with it. That’s BIG…HUGE even.


First Day Last Day 14

So, while it may be the last day of school it’s the beginning of something GREAT.


Speaking of great let’s get those Sound Bytes shall we.


3. “I want 200 Starbursts for dinner.”

I’m cool with that as long as you brush your teeth afterward, and I don’t have to cook.


2. “Mama that box has ribbons and trappings in it.”

I guess a little redhead as read too many Charles Dickens novels.


1. “Mama why is that lady dead.”

I practically died myself from laughing so hard as I explained to my littlest that she indeed was still alive and just sunbathing in the park.


Well, I’m just finishing up the day at work, and then heading with some of my Iowa City Moms blog friends to the Inspire Motherhood Conference. Can’t wait to enjoy some girl time.


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