My {Spooky} Insta-Life

Nov 1 Insta Life


Here’s a little peak at our life from last week.


It was my last day at my job of six years, starting tomorrow I’m embarking on a new adventure with a social media company. Cue butterflies.


We donned our costumes and our black and gold for a fun filled weekend full of tricks treats and football games.


I tried to paint again, and my office is officially finished, thanks to my mom’s help. More pics to come.


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Week{end} Wrap Up

After one crazy week … I’m looking forward to the holiday.

How about you?
Our week{end} in pictures

1. VERY happy boy {pre-surgery}.
2. Playing with daddy while waiting.
3. So, tired of waiting…go, go, go…
4. Breakfast with mom and G.
5. Sleepy boy {post surgery}
6. Ahhh, coffee.
7. Puppies make everything more fun.
8. Pancakes…YUM!
9. Baby feet.
Have a GREAT {short} week.

Day 14, Mulligan Monday and Week{end} Wrap Up

Have you noticed?

I’ll give you a hint. Fourteen.

Give up?

I’ve blogged for fourteen days in a row. FOURTEEN.

November is National Blog Posting Month on BlogHer┬ábasically they have issued the challenge of writing a post EVERY day for thirty days. And I’m currently on day fourteen {Almost halfway there}.

Honestly, I didn’t plan on it happening. It was just a coincidence that I had posted four days in row when I came upon this little tidbit of information. At that point I thought what the hell. A blog post could be a picture right? No biggie I can do this. Well…

It’s proving a bit more challenging than I had initially thought. Between working full-time, our jam packed weekends and just our crazy everyday life….I’m struggling to get posts out at night. And I’m getting “the stink eye” from the hubs all the time because I’m on the computer when we should be spending quality time together {can you say hypocrite}.

Even though it’s a struggle it’s also an accomplishment {and totally worth a couple of stink eyes}. Blogging more has helped me cultivate my voice, and dig deeper into my posts. Instead of being so blase’.

And while tomorrow is the actual halfway day, I thought I’d celebrate a day early. {Plus it gives me a topic to write about}.

Even though the month is half over, you can still blog everyday for the rest of the month with me. Trust me, by day twenty this little guy will be writing my posts.

Have a great week and don’t forget today is Mulligan Monday, and today I feel accomplished.

How about yourself?

Here’s some random photos from last week. Enjoy….


1. E with his new cousin M…he looks so proud.
2. Didn’t you know this is how we decorate here. It’s called the Mike Holmes look.
3. Playing doctor at the doctor’s office…ironic right?
4. We just couldn’t wait to get home before munching on Mimi’s homemade dinner rolls.
5. Our city boy pretending to be a farmer.
6. Mmmmm, do I need another piece of bacon?
7. Foot muffs as mentioned here.
8. I’m sexy and I know it.
9. If you look close you can see a snowflake in his hair.
10. Our first snowfall / rain.
11. Last Hawkeye Hurrah
12. In the captain’s chair {aka the exam chair at the ENT}.
13. This is closest this city boy has been to a pig.
14. Perhaps playing farm will make him more country.
15. Dear Halloween candy it’s time to stop haunting me.
16. I guess we ride pigs in these parts.

So what did you do this week{end}?