Celebrating 10 Years Come What May

Today I celebrate ten years with the man I love.

It’s amazing. I can’t believe I’m here. I remember vividly the first email in which he introduced himself and how I bravely {without any reservations} began a love affair that would last over a decade.

People ask “how did you know he was the one?” , and truthfully I just knew.  I couldn’t decide what to have for lunch each day, but when it came to picking him I just knew.

Now don’t get me wrong we’ve had our moments. Our disagreements. Our discrepencies in communication. But I never stopped loving him. I might have pouted and stopped talking to him, but NEVER stopped loving.

In ten years we’ve been through it all job loss, money issues, a new home, birthing babies, death, unbridled joy, sadness and above all LOVE!!!

So today I say Thank You my love for being by my side Come What May.

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