A {Coming Home} Sound Bytes of the Week

This weekend is homecoming at our Alma Mater, which is also in the town we call home.

Pretty convenient right?



Homecoming has more than one meaning this week, because this week I kicked off my #GRATITUDE40 project. In light of life’s happenings I figured it was something we all needed. I’ve been reading posts like this one from Danielle Smith and reading my friend’s Facebook posts about her “new normal” and I just think it’s time.


Time to “be” home.


Time to rest our weary minds and souls.


Snuggle Bugs

Time for more nose doinks, funny faces and hugs.



I’ve been stretched to the max lately, and I’m not even sure why.


Sadly I think it’s just life’s tugs. However, I’m at the point to where I’m going to tug back, dig my feet in deep and pull. I’m tired of going and it’s time to just STOP.


I haven’t even had a chance to put out pumpkins or sprinkle Halloween spook over our house and that makes me and the kiddos sad.


This weekend as we celebrate our school’s homecoming amid the rain and cold, I’ll also be celebrating my own “homecoming” right into the arms of my three favorite men and their Sound Bytes of the Week.


3. “Don’t poke the bear.”

Have you watched The Goldbergs yet? Lawdy, it’s like watching my childhood complete with ‘80’s style and music. In the show they say this line, and I think it’s become the hubs’ new mantra.


2. “Winnie and da Pooh.”

G watched Winnie and the Pooh this weekend and now he’s singing this all over the house. However it sound more like Winnie Poohs instead of Winnie the Pooh.


1. “Mama there are crocodiles in there.”
“No there aren’t crocodiles in the Iowa River.”
“Yes there are mama lots of ‘em, and termites too.”

Hmmm…I got nothin’ for that one.


Well, that’s it for me. Just hoping our parade isn’t cancelled due to weather. However, if it is I’ll take it as a sign that we just need to be “home” together tonight.


Have a fabulous weekend and may you have a lovely “homecoming”.




Little things I’ve been up to this week…


I blogged about my THREE tips to take make your work wardrobe playground ready.


I also kicked off my #GRATITUDE40 project in honor of my 40th birthday {gasp}.


I was accepted as an Ambassador for GOTRIbal an online community of triathlon women that support one another. If you have questions about triathlons, training or just on fitting it all in, check out our Facebook page. You may even recognize one of our ambassadors – Chrissie Wellington. So, come over say ‘hi” and introduce yourself.

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