My Perspective: A Happy Confession {#BTSBTW}

Ok, it’s time for a confession of sorts. A “let’s get real” sort of moment.


This is something I RARELY if ever say out loud for fear I might be called a braggart, and I definitely don’t want that title. You can call me crazy, but just don’t call me braggy.


I’m sure your waiting with bated breath for this big confession of sorts.


Will it be startling?






Maybe to some.


In reality you all will probably say something like “oh, that’s it?”


Well, I’m ready with my full on confession.


Wait for it.


Wait for it.


I’m happy.


This may or may not be a big deal to you, but to me I feel guilty for being happy.


Isn’t it true that misery loves company?


People like it when you are relatable and relatable means you sometimes need to be miserable {or at least look it}


I know you doubt me right now, but seriously hear me out.


Which Facebook post would get the more comments?


  1. Wow what a horrible Monday, don’t you just hate Mondays?




  1. Wow! I rocked that Monday. Kids to school, work done, grocery shopping finished and now I’m off to cuddle with the hubs, bring on Tuesday… I’m ready to rock this WEEK.


Ok, so number two may be a little over the top, but you get my point. Sometimes too happy is just too much.


So, I’ve been living a secret happy life. It may not have unicorns pooping rainbows, but it’s still pretty awesome.


Sure I have sucktastic moments like the next person {see last week}, but here’s the thing overall in my soul when it comes down to what’s REALLY important {hubs, kids, roof over my head and coffee with a side of wine} I’m able to tell those sucktastic moments to suck it.


So when you see me rushing through the school hallway running late like usual or defusing a kiddo meltdown, and my bitch face is making an appearance just know that underneath it all I’m smiling a big fatty smile. Because I know this suck storm will pass that eventually life will be good again, and filled with smiles, giggles and nose doinks.


Life can hand you a whole bunch of crap {trust me I know}, but it’s time to confess to the world that no matter how much crap I’m standing in I’m still happy, grateful and content.

See mom I do smile!
See mom I do smile!


What’s your confession?


This post was inspired by the Creative Soul Back to School Back to Writing Prompt.

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