The {Day After the Day After} Sound Bytes

I couldn’t bring myself to write yesterday.


My mind, body and soul were still reeling from the week’s Holiday Hustle. This year’s Christmas was in a word – WEIRD. I attribute it to the lack of an extra week in planning, bad weather and work. {just call me UPS}


After years of working on Christmas Eve and swearing to myself NEVER to do it again you think I would listen. However, yet again I made the mistake and left work so angry and frustrated my Christmas Eve was in another word – HORRIBLE.


The kids were nuts, too excited to take naps, and ended up crashing and burning into fits of hysteria and tears. The little one almost wasn’t allowed to help leave cookies for Santa because every time we looked at him he would yell at us and cry. My rage at work issues and just being mad that everyone else was being crabby on Christmas Eve left me wanting to punch a wall. Looking back on it now I was probably suffering from some peri-menopausal mind bender.




Thankfully, with the dawn of Christmas morning as I stood at the top of the stairs with two little boys giddy with excitement at Santa’s arrival I just exhaled and let it all go.



We celebrated with dinner made by yours truly and my mom, we watched the boys rip open gifts with reckless abandon and we exhaled again.


The past troubles and stress faded into giggles and smiles. I sat there and vowed {again} that I would not let stress invade our holidays. When I returned to the quiet stillness of the office yesterday I grabbed some time off sheets and hurriedly scribbled my days off for Christmas 2014, because NOTHING will ruin my Christmas Eve again or steal my giggles and smiles.


Now it’s the day after the day after, and I’m left with overflowing garbage bags of  wrapping paper, leftover turkey with a side of sweet potato crack, shiny new toys invading every crevice of our home and a smile at how truly blessed we are.



Oh, and I’m left with some funny Holiday inspired Sound Bytes of the Week.


3. “Santa coming today? Santa coming today? ….

The three year old was VERY excited for Santa’s visit. He asked me every day when Santa was coming it was cute the first 10 times.


2. Insert lots of loud screaming.

Let’s just say “Santa” may have gone a bit overboard this year. However, after seeing the priceless look on both the boys faces it was worth it.


1. “Love you mama.”

After my craptastic Christmas Eve that was exactly what I needed. I never get tired of the unsolicited “I love yous.” It makes my heart sing.


I have t-minus 2 hours before I’m free from work and have to go shopping for some {more} last minute gifts. We are celebrating Christmas with my dad’s side of the family tomorrow. We haven’t been back there in a couple years, actually since the Christmas after his funeral. It will be nice to visit everyone.


Have a great weekend and may you find the magic in your day.




In case you missed it, I UNPLUGGED for the holiday. I will most likely unplug until the New Year when I will announce my One Word for 2014. I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation.

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