A {These are the Days} Sound Bytes of the Week

These are the days that make me gasp for air, because I feel so overwhelmed.


Emotions are high this week.


The butterflies about our firsts and the sadness of bidding a fond farewell to the lasts has me crying one minute and celebrating the next. It’s enough to make me coo coo for coca puffs.

 When I Grow Up


It’s amazing how one day he’s my little boy and the next he’s so big I expect him to move out and head to college. These are the days that make me shake my head in confusion. These bittersweet milestones are going to start coming faster and faster and I’m not sure I’m ready. They never warn you about this in those parenting books. Sure they will tell you how to change a diaper or to feed your child fruits before veggies, but they never once mention the heart strings that get pulled so tight they might break.


It’s been a wonderful week even with the roller coaster of emotions. These are the days in between summer and fall.


Transition and change.


Some say that spring is a time for a renewal or the New Year is a time to make resolutions, but I think it’s these days in between. When change comes in the form of bouquets of newly sharpened pencils and warm days with crunchy leaves under foot. Football games and end of summer BBQs.


Yep, it’s all changing, transforming into something new right before our eyes. These are the days when I need to stop, breath and just listen, because I don’t want to miss a moment {or a Sound Byte}


3. “I’m sorry bobocito.”

And this is what happens when a three year old watches TV.


2. “It’s funnier than a 100 cows sitting on my head.”

Now THAT’S funny.


1. “It’s ok mom don’t be scared.”

Oh, his words of encouragement make my heart melt.


Now another weekend begins, and with it comes giggles, smiles and a little bit of chaos.


I look forward instead of back.


Prepared for whatever lies ahead, because these are the days I cherish forever.


Holding Hands

4 thoughts on “A {These are the Days} Sound Bytes of the Week

    1. Awww…that is too cute! I’ll have to use that in my next Sound Bytes. Yep, it was a bittersweet week last week, but this week has been GREAT. School is so good for him, and it’s making him more confident.

    1. Thanks Kimberly it was great to meet you too. I’ve been finally finding time to catch up and connect with everyone I met a BlogHER13. Seriously, it’s taken me a month, and now school starts. Always a whirl wind. 🙂

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