A {Downhill} Sound Bytes of the Week



I think somewhere between 8:30 and 8:35 on Monday I knew this week would be total crap. That at some point I would be apologizing for pissing off everyone in the world, including my boss, my kids, my husband and even the UPS guy.


By 8:30 on Wednesday I realized it was going downhill quickly when I wrote not just one, but two FB updates addressing the days of the week like they were people. And I started composing one to Wednesday, but then I needed to find the video of the camel {you know cause it’s hump day} and I got distracted by cat videos on YouTube…see downhill … all downhill …


He thought the week was crappy too.
He thought the week was crappy too.


I’m not sure where it all went wrong.


Perhaps I was under a PMS-induced stupor or maybe it was the heat. Whatever it was it was Bad…B-A-D…BAD.  And I’m glad it’s coming to an end, because this mama needs a nice cold Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and a good football game in order to regoup.


Only one more day and I’ll get my wish, a roadtrip north {near my hometown} to watch the inter-state rivalry between my Hawkeyes and the Cyclones. I’m sure it could get ugly, but I’ll be with friends {that I hopefully don’t piss off}, which will make it fun.


Also on tap for this weekend, laundry, toilet cleaning and emptying the litter box, so I better make the most of my Saturday roadtrip.


What else is in store?


Well some Sound Bytes of course!


These kids are nutso, the things they say make me wonder if Skynet has started to control their brains. One minute it’s highly intellectual and the next we are all about knock, knock jokes over, and over, and over … well you get the point.


3. ME: “Hey buddy I think it might ACTUALLY rain today.”
    G: “I no like rain. I like snow. Lots of snow.”

It may be seriously hot, but I’m definitely NOT ready for snow.


2. E: “Knock knock, whose there?”
    ME: “Whose there?”
    E: “Dirty Underwear.”

Put on repeat and this was our dinner table conversation for the past two nights. Yep…downhill…all downhill…


1. E and G {very loudly}: “SPINJITZU!”
G: “E thanks for letting me Spinjitzu with you. Me happy.”

Cue hugs and heart melting. As an only child, I love watching the boys play together it makes my heart sing.


Well, I’m off to finish out this week, and perhaps write a FB message to Friday. Something like “Dear Friday the 13th I’ll be cool if you be cool. Capish?”


Knock you out

What would you write to the days of the week?


In case you missed it…

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