Dreary Days Bring Sunshine

The mist started as I headed to the pool for my weekly lesson, and by the time I had finished my fish impersonation it was full on pouring. The kind of rain you see on a warm spring day, but it wasn’t spring.

Not yet.

It started on Saturday and went through Sunday.

It came in sprinkles and torrents.

With each droplet the landscape melted, turning from bright white to brown. The earth began opening up pockets of bare ground like children’s mouths catching raindrops.

We were trapped indoors, held hostage by the rain that might melt us into a puddle like an evil witch. However, I didn’t feel trapped, in fact as the sky darkened and the day became drearier and drearier I was relieved.

Sunshine can bring pressure…the pressure to “do” something. You can’t waste a sunny day, you must capture it and hold on tight for who knows when the next one will come.

But rainy days are meant to be easy and allow you to wind down, relax and let the pressure fade.

So, that’s just what we did.

Out of the four of us only the little redhead broke free from his PJs that day, and only because a diaper couldn’t hold back the flood of nighttime pee. I didn’t even shower until right before my head hit the pillow.

PJ Day

While I wrote and met some deadlines, I still let the day flow just like the rain outside my window.

The hubby swept the floors and tidied the house, while I played superheroes with two jolly boys.

Boy Mom

With each giggle a rainy day outside quickly turned sunny inside. I felt my heart lighten along with my load of To Dos, and I just lived in the moment.

The rain fell through the night, and as I woke up the next morning the load immediately plopped itself on my back. But I could handle it for the rain had washed me clean and I was ready to carry on once again.



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