Embracing Change

“Hey G, it’s time to go bye bye.”

Instantly I brace myself for his toddler explosion. It’s become the norm lately these little bursts of emotion each time we must change our direction or the task at hand. On one hand I grow frustrated with these outbursts and on the other I can totally relate.

I have issues with change myself and on occasion have been known to throw toddler temper tantrums. It’s really not so much the change itself as the FEAR of the unknown that it brings along with it. Sometimes change can be good like a promotion and sometimes it’s a necessity like changing your undies.

Lately though, in the unsteady waters of my life, change has been met with resistance, and panic.

Then today like a sign from the heavens came this blog post from Ann Voscamp, “Four Steps to Take When You’re Not Ready for Change”.

I digested her words, let them sit warm in my belly and as that warmth entered my heart I finally found peace with the changes life is throwing in my direction. Children growing older, moving from the home where we started our family and just letting my plate be empty.

For life needs to move forward, and things just can’t stay the same, because seriously that would be boring. That I and I really don’t want my boys living in my house FOREVER…

So I need to embrace change and …

“Don’t grieve that it’s gone, wonder that it was.

Laugh that you lived and dance that you dared.

Inhale that it happened — and it was grace.”

Change is a matter of perception and reaction. If I perceive it as a negative my reaction will be negative, but if I see the positive and embrace the change – hold it close to my heart and LIVE in the moment I will see just how good it can be.

Because situations and landscapes may change but the memories, the moments and connections will still remain for they are everlasting.

3 thoughts on “Embracing Change

  1. I have been struggling with my big kids (the tween and teens) and really even the 5 year old…growing and changing…it is beautiful but I am not adjusting well…I keep saying I want to squish them little.

    I really do want to embrace each moment as they grow and not constantly grieve what is in the past…instead cherish the memories.

    I haven’t read Ann’s post yet today, but heading there shortly!

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