A {Fine} Sound Bytes of the Week

No Tauntaun Meat SBOW 1-24-14 via RedheadReverie.com


Off handedly in polite conversation an acquaintance asked how things were going.


You know the question to which you should respond with a  “fine”, but really you just want to say that life sucks right. Right here in this space, in this moment it’s truly sucky, and I’m not sure I can go on another moment talking without tears burning the backs of my eyelids or keeping a fake smile on my face.


Yeah…that’s the kind of week I’ve had…that’s how things are if you REALLY are inquiring rather than being polite.


Everyone has their shit days when the marrow of life is sucked out so hard you feel you can barely move. But somehow my problems seem worse than yours, because, well, they are my problems and I have to deal with them one way or the other.


However, the ONE good thing about things being totally sucky and feeling like I’m at the bottom of a well drowning, I can look up and see the blue sky. Eventually, I pull my feet under me and find the water isn’t as deep as it was yesterday, and the blue sky is closer to my grasp.


Yesterday I was in the well.


Today I’m grasping blue sky.


It’s as simple as that … just wait a day or two or three…sometimes it takes longer. But I’ve rode the rough roads of life before and I learned early on that things are only temporary. Like movie star gossip one day you’re hot the next you are not.


One of the main reasons I keep reaching for blue skies is my family. They keep me afloat when I feel like drowning, and each Sound Byte is the rope ready and waiting to pull me from the well.


Which is why today I’m holding blue sky…


3. “No Tauntaun meat mama.”

I guess the big kid told little red we were having Tauntaun meat for dinner then craziness ensued.


2. Me: “What did you do with the babysitter today?”
      E: “I pretended she was a Tauntaun and she let me ride her around the house.”

Can you tell we’ve had too many snow days? In other news I doubt we will see that babysitter again…dang…


1. “Mom don’t be sad. I love you to the galaxy and back.”

Yep, that pretty much rescued me from the depths this week.


Well, I’m off to enjoy the weekend with those crazy, wonderful and rambunctious boys so we can enjoy our “blue skies”.


Blue Skies

Here’s wishing you a weekend full of blue.

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