Flower Power Interview Featuring Kim: Mom Style Files {#MSFILES}

Floral Mom Style MSFILES

Good afternoon everyone! I’m here with Kim from Kim & Mikey Got Married to talk about all things floral. She loves everything floral and some advice for those of us who may be a little nervous about showing off our Flower Power.


Kim Headshot
Name:  Kim

Blog: Kim & Mikey Got Married

Locale: Alma, Georgia

What You Do: Operations Analyst for a public health district.

Style: Polished professional with beachy and country elements for fun


Describe your style in one word:


What draws you to floral?

I am a tomboy by nature.  I grew up hating dresses, pink, and anything floral.  Even now I reach for jeans and a t-shirts over dresses and skirts.  However,as my professional career has expanded and I’ve aged, I find myself wanting to look more “girly”. In my mind, anything floral has always been girly.  I can pair a floral blouse with a great pair of jeans and instantly feel more feminine while staying true to my style.

Kim Floral Jeans


What is you favorite floral style?

I prefer floral styles that are BOLD – either in color or print or both.

How do you accessorize your floral pieces? 

Floral prints in general are bold and grab the attention of those around you. Therefore I opt for simple accessories – such as a simple silver necklace or just a pair of hoop earrings.

Kim Floral Skirt

Do you wear floral year around or just in spring and summer?

I wear floral prints year round. In the fall and winter, I tend to choose floral prints that are more graphic such as a black floral print on a white cardi.

Which is you favorite floral top or bottoms?

I am classic pear shape, so I’ve always worn floral on top. But recently, I’ve grown to love floral print dresses and skirts.

Kim Floral Dress


Many of our readers are nervous about trying out floral styles what advice would you give them?

Start small. Pair a floral shirt with your favorite pair of jeans or skirt.  Then as you grow more comfortable – go big.

Where do you shop?

I live in a small farming community so the bulk of my shopping happens online. I love Ann Taylor, Loft, and Old Navy. But some of my most treasured pieces were found at local consignment or thrift stores.

My personal style idol is…

Jackie Kennedy. (And yes, I realize the irony of this) However, she was always impeccably dressed and every inch the lady. Something I can only hope to learn.

When buying a floral pattern I look for…

This totally depends on my mood and where I want to wear the pieces. I usually wear smaller floral prints at the office and save the bold prints for the weekend.

Bright, Pastel or both?

Bright. I’m not a pastel kinda girl.

I wear floral because…

It makes me feel more girly.

Give our readers your opinion on floral shorts.

I think floral shorts when styled right can be a fab spring/summer look.

Thanks so much Kim! I absolutely love her floral dress, and totally need to find one like it. So, much inspiration.

Looking for more Flower Power inspiration, you still have a couple more weeks to complete our 3 FLOWER POWER MISSIONS. Tag myself {redheadreverie} or Melissa {pbinmyhair} on Instagram and add #MSFILES and we will feature you next week during our Mission Accomplished Flower Power Wrap Up.

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