A {Frigid and Frozen} Sound Bytes

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Brrrrrrrr…..That’s truly all I can say. It’s so cold here I think my brain may have froze. Nah, I just have back-to-work brain. I’ve been so out of the loop I thought that yesterday was Friday and that today was Saturday {that was a rude awakening}.




Other than the cold temps, the extra kid days and the fact that it’s Friday I don’t have much. Life has been going well to start off the New Year, thanks to my One Word. We’ve been more focused as a family, and have been spending some quality time together. I feel like life has been more relaxed, a smidge less stressed {perhaps it’s because my peri-menopausal rage spell has passed} Whatever it is, I’ll take it…and another helping on the side, because right now life is grand.


What can make it even better? Oh, a couple of Sound Bytes from some little lunatics.


3. G: “I want a treat.”
    ME: “You can’t have a treat, but you can have a breakfast.”
     G: “Breakfast not a treat.”

Sometimes, I have to agree with this kid. However, that doesn’t mean I’m giving him chocolate for breakfast.


2. “It’s sounded like you were assaulting a raccoon in the shower.”

That’s what it sounds like when you turn on your water after it’s been shut off half the night due to a water main break.


1. “I’m in prison.”

No buddy you’re just in the bathtub.


Well, that’s all I got from here in the frozen tundra. I’m counting the minutes until I’m outta here, because the hubs and I are headed to dinner and movie. Ahhhh…grown up time. YES!!!


we are expecting a heat wave of 40 degrees on Sunday. I might have to break out the shorts and fire up the grill.


Have a great weekend and stay warm.


Da Boys


In case you missed it, I blogged a lot this week.

On Monday Melissa and I recapped the 2013 season of Mom Style Files. If you have a style dilemma you’d like us to solve, click the envelope in the header and email me.

On Tuesday I declared my One Word for 2014.

Over on the Iowa City Moms Blog I wrote about how no matter how much candy, TV shows or money I bribe him with my youngest still refuses to use the potty.

My Bigger Picture Moment of the week came in the form of a kid day.

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