Give it a TRI: Meet my New Running Buddy {Giveaway}

Nothing fuels my run more than having a buddy by my side.


There’s my friend Ashli, who ran the 4th Fest 5k with me. Together we met our goal of getting the WORST PR ever. There were baby strollers and talking involved so that might explain it.




Then there’s “the B%#ch” who I tolerate only because I just can’t seem to shake her. I hate how she’s always faster than I am, and often disappears without warning.



However, neither one of these buddies offer to carry my running paraphernalia – you know the phone, keys, iPod and gels – the necessities.


How rude right?


Well, I just found a buddy that can carry all that and is super cute too.


Meet The Running Buddy.


RB with Shoes


Before I met my buddy, I used an arm band, which caused chaffing and never seemed to stay put. Then I started using a running belt with a pouch, but it would bounce and then slip down around my behind while I was running.


I spent more time adjusting and fixing than I did running NOT cool.


So when I heard about The Running Buddy I was hopeful.


Designed by runner and triathlete Julie Bradfield The Running Buddy is a lightweight, comfortable pouch that attaches to your clothing with magnets.


When I received my Running Buddy, I put it through paces, and I really like it.


You barely know it’s attached to your clothing. In fact I almost threw it in the laundry with my iPod in it before I realized it was still attached to my pants.


However, I don’t just wear it for running. I wear it for everything gym related, especially spinning. If you are a spin instructor READ THIS, The Running Buddy is THE BEST for spin class. I attach it the back of bike shorts, plug in my headphones and roll. There’s no chaffing or anything. I even wear it when I’m lifting weights and I always place it in the small of my back, it’s less intrusive than the hip or front and there’s less movement back there … if you know what I mean.


It’s designed to be worn on any waist band. However, make sure your pants aren’t too big, because The Running Buddy can cause a wardrobe malfunction. My solution to this problem is to find somewhere else to stick it.


RB on Chest

Good thing I’m small chested. In fact, I liked this placement the best when I was running because my iPod and supplies were easily accessible.


Overall, if you are a runner or fitness junkie like me you need to meet The Running Buddy.


It’s time to spend more time running and less time adjusting.


Want a Running Buddy of your own?


Enter the Rafflecopter below and you could win. The Giveaway ends at 5 pm next Thursday. Good Luck!


Can’t wait for the giveaway and want to order one now? Head over to The Running Buddy website and enter RBuddyA14 to receive 15% off.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


The nitty gritty: I’m a brand ambassador for The Running Buddy company and received compensation for my post. However all opinions and love of the Running Buddy are my own.

14 thoughts on “Give it a TRI: Meet my New Running Buddy {Giveaway}

  1. I really like the looks of this! I also desperately need something to carry my running items!! My iphone, for one. I can’t do an armband and I need a little somewhere to stick my honey stingers. C’mom, be MY buddy? Please? 🙂

  2. Ooh, what a clever little thing! I’d use mine to store my phone and tissues (this cold weather makes my nose run faster than my legs)!!! =)

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