Give it a TRI: Why you Need a Workout Planner

I love fitness classes, not only because I get to meet other half-awake sweaty people, but because classes mean routine and predictability. Nothing is worse for me than heading to the gym half-awake without a plan.


Workout Blah

I used to work out that way, spending half my time walking around aimlessly. Doing a couple of crunches, lifting a weight or two and then running for a bit. It was haphazard and without purpose, which meant I didn’t see results.


Last year, I got to see first hand what it was like to have a true workout plan. I hired a triathlon coach, and every Sunday she would email me the workouts for the week. It gave me time to focus and to psych myself up for that upcoming run or swim.


It was predictable and with purpose.


Now it’s time to start training again, and this time without a coach. I needed to find a handy way to plan my workouts and track my training. Luckily Lindsay over at read my mind.

Why do you need a Personal {Workout} Planner?

 Why you need a Workout Planner via Redhead Reverie


Unlike other planners they actually let you customize EVERYTHING, down the date columns on each page. They even include workout specific pages where you can track your duration, miles and document your workout. You wouldn’t want to do arms two days in a row…OUCH!


Having a workout planner can be a great way to hold yourself accountable, measure your accomplishments and keep yourself on track.


It also looks ALOT cooler than a handful of messy papers with workouts scribbled on them. You can even customize the cover with a little fitspiration.


Ready to win one of your very own?


Just complete the Rafflecopter and cross your fingers the winner will be chosen at 5 am Monday {1-20} just in time for a morning workout.


FYI they have all sorts of planners, so enter even if you aren’t fitness buff, because lord knows we all need a little organization in our lives.


Personal Planner collage



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*The nitty gritty: I was compensated with my own super cool workout planner for writing this post. However, all opinions and love of workout planners is my own.

10 thoughts on “Give it a TRI: Why you Need a Workout Planner

  1. I would LOVE a workout planner to kick off the new year because this is my first fitness year back after knee surgery! I have a lot of goals, hopes, and dreams, and would love to be able to see that all laid out

  2. I would use it to log my workouts….I have one for work, but just use a plain spiral notebook for workouts.

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