Give it a TRI: Responsible Fitspiration

As I’m perusing Social Media, I come across those random photos of fitspiration. You know the ones with the people running in a field with a sunrise in the background saying things like this…



I share some of these, the ones that make me feel good, and inspire me.


However, there are others that can make you feel like shit.


Like the ones in this post.


I’ll wait while you click the link and read some of them.


Are you back?


Ok, good.


After reading those I started thinking {or over thinking} am I part of the solution or the problem. I’ll admit my Bondi Bands have some borderline messages like “Suck it up Buttercup” and “Unless you puke, faint or die, Keep Moving”. UGH…


Yikes, is this too hard core?
Yikes, is this too hard core?


There’s a VERY fine line between fitness and health, and skinny and starving. Trust me I’ve been there. Hence the reason my Pinterest boards aren’t called “thinspiration” {please don’t ever use that term, it truly makes a recovering anorexic lose their mind}


But I do share my workout of the day, and for the most part the comments are positive, but there are some that leave me wondering. Comments like “you put us to shame” or “wish I looked like that”. Then there are the naysayers the ones that say “oh, eat a donut for goodness sake” or “You choose to run I choose to spend time with my kids.”




All of it just circles back to one VERY important lesson.




Here’s the scoop. I post my Instagram photos for ME, to compare results and to hold ME accountable. Posting them socially connects me with other triathletes, runners and fit moms who struggle with the same issues I do. It’s a way for me to build community.


NOT to brag or make others feel crappy.


I always tell my friends, if you like fitness then great, follow that passion. If you don’t, then find something else that inspires you and GO AFTER IT!


Be Inspired345

However, that is NOT an excuse to


1) Binge eat or


2) not eat.


You still need to be healthy, just do it in a way that works for YOU. It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet or a fad. This is my life, and yours will look totally different.



Your results from running and exercising will look different too, because we aren’t all the same. It’s a fact, and once that’s realized the comparing, shaming and self loathing can stop, and acceptance, love and confidence can start.



Are you ready to start?

Tell me one thing you love about yourself {keep in mind it doesn’t need to be a physical attribute…just sayin’}

3 thoughts on “Give it a TRI: Responsible Fitspiration

  1. My trainer is fantastic. I’ve been able to come up with a routine that works what I need strengthened. I know I’m “broken” (with my bum knee) so I use therapy to work it. The rest of my body I push, but I don’t over push and I DO NOT I repeat DO NOT feel guilty for not pushing myself to the point of puking. Absolutely not. I’m 34… puking after a workout has the same appeal as being hungover. No bueno.

    I do it for me. I KNOW you do it for you. Your body and your fitness is like a marriage. It is nobody’s business except for the person in that relationship. If you share to motivate well that is only a good thing. WORK IT, MAMA! Work it for your own reasons. 🙂
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