Give it a TRI: US Cellular Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

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Between the weather, holiday hustle and the plethora of goodies in my kitchen, staying on track with my fitness goals has been a challenge. Of course I know the keys to staying on track are monitoring my calorie intake and physical activity, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.


Fitness wearables are the perfect way to track all my progress. They even sync with my smartphone to better track all my fitness efforts, making it convenient and easy.


Whatever fitness goals you are currently looking to achieve, the US Cellular Healthy Holiday Gift Guide has you covered.


Healthy Gift Guide



UP by Jawbone

US Cellular Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Perfect for low-key fitness monitoring the device syncs with both Android and Apple products. It tracks distance walked, calories burned, active time and movement intensity. It even vibrates to remind you to move when you’ve been inactive for too long. Jawbone also syncs with an app on your smartphone, so you can input information about what you eat and drink each day to better manage the calories you consume. In addition, Jawbone reads sleep patterns to wake you at the optimal time. The system learns your habits; informs you how your days, nights and food interact to affect your overall wellness; and makes recommendations to improve your lifestyle.


Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 or SYNC BURN Activity and Calorie Burn Tracker for Apple 


US Cellular Holiday Gift Guide 2         US Cellular Healthy Holiday Gift Guide



For fitness gurus who like personal attention and also want the sophistication of a high-tech watch. The device acts as a fitness partner that’s with you wherever you go. Compatible with Samsung devices, the Galaxy Gear 2 offers a personalized fitness manager with real-time information on the progress and results of your workout. Then, based on the results, it offers a personalized and adaptive recommendation for your next workout. For iOS users, the SYNC BURN utilizes heart rate sensors to more accurately track the number of calories you burn, and includes a MapMyFitness app to view, track and share fitness progress. The device features digital time and date display, a stopwatch and a one-year battery.


Your Smartphone

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The easiest fitness device might already be in your pocket. Many smartphones can double as health trackers. If you use an Apple iPhone 6, the built-in barometer and accelerometer can measure the elevation you climbed and distance you traveled throughout your exercise. For Samsung Galaxy S5 owners, the rounded back of your phone can be used as a heart rate sensor that works with the S Health app. The app allows you to track statistics, such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels and weight, and it also can function as a pedometer and track your steps from your pocket.


With gadgets likes these why wait till the New Year to start your fitness journey.



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