A {Good and Bad} Sound Bytes of the Week

For a short week it’s felt like a lifetime.


Short weeks have tendency to do that, perhaps it’s because Tuesday really felt like a Monday or something like that.


Now that our schedule is a smidge back to normal, no more early outs from school or crazy heat wave to contend with, it’s been a nice change of pace. As much as I enjoy the carefree feel of summer, there’s something about the predictability of a fall schedule that makes me feel safe.


Even though we are on a schedule there are still some spontaneous moments {good and bad}.


Like my spontaneous dinner date downtown with little red, which of course included some ice cream. Blue ice cream to be exact…blerg.


Blue Ice Cream


Then there was the bad, as in bad days for E. I thought we had this school thing situated with meds and therapy, but still there are issues. My heart aches and my frustration grows with each incident. I wish there was a quick fix, a simple solution to our troubles, but there’s nothing more we can do. With any hope the bad days will become less and less and the good days will grow without boundaries. Prayers would be appreciated.


However, no matter whether the week is long or short, or the days are good or bad the Sound Bytes of the Week are always full of laughs.


3. “I flush you down the toilet. Flush. FLUSH. FLUUUUUSSSHHHH!

That’s what a toddler will do to you when you limit their intake of fruit snacks.


2. “Maybe yes. Maybe no.”

Whenever G has a theory he always gives both sides equal consideration.


1. “May the Force be with you.”

E is on a big Star Wars kick again since him and the hubs {aka the ultimate fanboy} watched Episode I. We’ve been holding light saber battles on a daily basis. Gotta love life with boys.


Light Saber


Well, my eyes are drowsy and it’s time turn in. We have another big day of Iowa Football tomorrow. After last weekend’s heartbreaker of a loss it’s bound to get better right?


Hawkeye Heartbreaker


Have a GREAT weekend and may goodness find you.


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