Hotter in Chicago: Giveaway

Let me clue you in on a little secret, I really don’t like buying shoes.

I know, I know. So not a girlie thing, but hear me out.

It’s not that I don’t like to drool over the shoes at my local department store, or flip through catalogs longing for cute boots or flats, it’s mostly because I can’t wear any of those shoes because my feet are weird.

Yep, too long and too narrow.

So, finding the perfect shoe is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Often I have to buy a bigger shoe, so my foot doesn’t hit the end and then either stuff the ends with Kleenex or wear bulky socks so my shoes don’t fall off.

Totally not comfortable or stylish.

Needless to say I run around barefoot whenever the opportunity arises because my feet just HURT!!!

So when I heard about Hotter Shoes, I was intrigued.

Right on their website in big letters it says Comfortable and Stylish….hmmm….even more intrigued.

Really? Could it be true?

Comfortable shoes that fit, and looked good.

I had to find out.

After perusing their site, I chose the Seville Boots in black.

Due to the weird foot issue I don’t really know my true foot size so I ordered a size 7, and hoped they would fit.

I felt like Cinderella and the glass slipper, when I put them on, they were PERFECT. My big toe didn’t hit the end and they actually stayed put WITHOUT socks. WOW!!! Miracles do happen.

But would they stand up to a whole weekend of walking, standing, driving and crazy hijinx….I was about to find out.

So I packed my Hotters and headed to Bloggy Bootcamp in Chicago.

I have to admit I’m not a style maven, but I do know that ankle boots are hot right now. I just didn’t know what to wear with them. After receiving some fashion guidance this is how I styled my Hotter’s for the conference.


Perfectly styled I headed out on my roadtrip.

The first test – a four hour drive to Chicago. You may not think this a good test for boots, but if they don’t fit well, driving is difficult and painful.

My Seville’s rocked the drive. In fact it was like wearing a comfy pair of slippers. I would soon realize that fact would remain throughout the long day at the conference.

When we returned to the hotel at the end of the evening, I was tired. My brain and my body were weary, but my feet were still ready to go out and boogie.

I didn’t boogie, but it was much easier to fall asleep when my feet didn’t hurt.

The next day was even more walking, to Starbucks, to the conference room, to and from the bathroom, from table to table, standing and visiting during breaks, on my feet, off my feet and all over the place.

Then came the ultimate test walking the streets of Chicago. It doesn’t matter what shoes I wear {it could even be running shoes} my feet ALWAYS hurt after walking in the city.

But … not this time!

So I would say that I found something even more rare than a unicorn and that my friends would be a pair of boots that fit, that are comfortable and that rocked my personal fashion style.

Mama just found herself a new pair of shoes! Let’s go shopping.

Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes has graciously offered to give away a pair of shoes to one of my friends here! {How awesome is that?!} Not only that, but you can enter here and over at Melissa’s and Hyacynth’s. Just fill out the Rafflecopter {It’s easier than it looks don’t be scared!}, and we’ll draw a winner next Monday.

Can’t wait till next Monday? Start shopping today and enjoy 10% off regular priced items and FREE SHIPPING. (available to first time customers only, expires 11/30/2012) use code PFBUSB at checkout.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: No purchase necessary to enter, subject to availability of stock. I received a pair of Hotter Seville’s to assist in this review, no other compensation was received and opinions expressed are all my own.

37 thoughts on “Hotter in Chicago: Giveaway

  1. I came to your site from Hyacinths’ but stopped in at Hotter first and the Seville stood out to me because I have been looking for comfortable ankle boots but with the wedge, I wasn’t sure…until I read your post. Now I am sold….I would get them in gray!

  2. there are a lot more styles to choose from than i expected! however, the darcys would be great for work, which is a place i’m very concerned with having comfy shoes.

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