I’m a Hoarder: US Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade

This post is part of my partnership with the US Cellular Blogger Brigade Ambassador Program.
US Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade
What if I said you could get free swag just for talking on your cell phone? Would you jump up and down and do the happy dance?


I know I would, and when US Cellular switched up their plans last year and introduced their Rewards program I will admit I was skeptical. I’ve been part of these “point programs” before. Most of them make you buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need or you have to jump through hoops on one leg while clucking like a chicken just to earn half a point.


Well, I’m here to tell you that with US Cellular you can earn Rewards just by sitting there in your chair reading this blog post. Seriously! {insert happy dance}


Personally I’ve done absolutely nothing unusual over the past year other than pay my bill on time, have a birthday and use my phone {which I have permanently attached to my person at all times…that’s loyalty}. I could even earn Rewards for referring a friend {hello friend} and for attending a device workshop {hello Samsung Tablet}.


What can earn with my Rewards?


Some much needed chargers {one for downstairs, upstairs, work and the car} and fun things like ringtones or one month of voice mail to text. I don’t even need to step foot in a store, all my Rewards can be redeemed online with the click of a button. Easy peasy.


However, I haven’t traded in my Rewards for anything just yet, because I have secret.


I’m a hoarder.


I like to keep my Rewards as long as I can, so I can get my phone upgraded sooner.


That’s THE best part of the US Cellular Rewards program.


Since it seems like a new phone is hitting the stores on a weekly basis I want to be the first to snatch up that new technology, but I don’t want to have to pay for it. Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that with my hoarded Rewards my phone upgrade is FREE … yep, you read that right FREE.


This came in particularly handy when after a whirl wind trip to Chicago I realized my phone was broken. I had accidentally bent something in the charger input and it wouldn’t charge anymore. Which makes it REALLY hard to use a phone, and a little nerve-wracking when you are on a road trip alone in the inner city of Chicago. Luckily, I took it to my nearest US Cellular retailer {which I found using the GPS on my phone}, they diagnosed the problem, told me I could upgrade for FREE and I walked out with a new phone and some peace of mind to continue my trip.



That’s what hoarding gets you ~ a brand spanking new phone right when you need it.


This year I have my eye on shiny new Galaxy S4.




I can’t wait!


If you want something for nothing now is your chance. Whether you’re new to U.S. Cellular or a long time customer, sign up for the US Cellular Rewards Program and you could be a Rewards hoarder just like me.


Disclosure: Through the rest of the year I’ll be sharing some more of My BETTER MOMENTS as a US Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade Ambassador. All opinions are my own and an honest view of my story as a US Cellular customer.

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