A Different Tradition #JustWrite

Thanksgiving 2013


My kitchen smelled like waffles instead of turkey, but that was ok. We weren’t cooking this year and we weren’t going to visit family or friends. Instead we were eating turkey from a restauant known for brewing its own beer and has 20 TVs with the football game on.


It wasn’t supposed to be this way. We had a plan or at least I thought we had a plan. Unfortunately as the song goes “life is what happens when you are making plans.” So, I guess life happened and we ended up walking through a buffet line instead of sitting at a family table with a turkey centerpiece.


We broke bread in a restaurant with a hundred strangers who were there with loved ones, or just enjoying a beer and turkey while watching the Lions play the Vikings.


The children were their usual crazy selves, but I didn’t have to worry that we would stain someone’s tablecloth or destroy the turkey centerpiece.


Thanksgiving 2 2013


The hubs didn’t have to make random small talk, and I didn’t have to offer to help in the kitchen {even though I never want to}. Seriously, that’s why you go to someone else’s house…so you can eat their food and drink their wine and not have to do anything. {You know you were thinking it too}


The food itself was mediocre and I didn’t get any crispy skin from the turkey, but I sat in the booth across from my husband and kids and breathed.


I was truly stress–free.


I finally enjoyed a holiday.


I was thankful because smiles and giggles were in abundance.


I was so worried about not having the perfect Thanksgiving, and we walked right into a pretty perfect holiday tradition.


Thanksgiving 3 2013



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