Scenes from My Life ~ Running

I WANTED to run, it was crazy really since my hatred for the sport is notorious. It makes me breath heavy and I get side stitches ALL THE TIME and it’s so FREAKING BORING.


But on that day when my training schedule said run, I couldn’t wait to go. I’d been cooped up too long, and I was just tired of listening to the kids bicker, looking at the dirty cluttered house. It all just made me want to run away.


So, I laced up my shoes grabbed my iPod and RAN…out the door. Eat my dust!


The music in my ears was so loud it drowned out everything, the birds, the barking dogs, and the hectic hustle and bustle of life. It was just me letting go.


My breath became heavy and sweat poured from my brow, I wasn’t sure I could go on.


Then I saw it.


Like a beacon urging me on; messages written to other runners on the trail.


“Keep smiling.”



“You’re a winner.”




“You can do it.”


And I knew I could … so I kept running.


And running.


Eventually, my direction turned and instead of running away from home I was running toward it. When I walked in the door sweaty and weary, their little voices welcomed my return.


“How was your run,” my husband asked.


“It was good, really good,” I said “But I’m glad to be home.”


Love Running

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