A {Kickoff} Sound Bytes of the Week

SBOW Aug 29


Why hello there long time no see.


Yeah, I’ve been a blogging slacker, but I don’t care. This summer I threw the blog to the wind and lived the good life. Racing, soaking up the sun, fishing and getting crazy with family and friends. It was marvelous.


Now it’s fall.


School has started.

First Day 2nd Grade

Football will start tomorrow.



It’s time to get to get to work.


No more slacking or relaxin’ {well maybe SOME relaxin’}. I’m pretty sad summer is on the way out. Usually I’m so over summer by now, but we’ve been blessed with such mild weather, I haven’t reached my “I’m so hot I’m going to die, make this summer be over” phase yet. It will probably happen in October, which wouldn’t be so bad because then I could wear a cute Halloween costume and not worry about wearing a coat…you know priorities.


Anyway, let’s just get to what you came here for – The Sound Bytes of the Week.


Big E: “Why do you have to shoot people?”
Little Red: “Because I’m a good guy and good guys have guns full of peanut butter.”

And…that’s the rationale of a four year old. All guns contain peanut butter, I’m sure the NRA will love that.


“I know buddy, but I can’t control the days of the week. If I could I’d make every day a Stay Home day.”

I totally wish every day was a Stay Home day too.


“We are filled to the brim with shows.”

Yes, they watch too much TV and even they think so .. at least on that day.


Well, that’s all from here. We are taking the boys the football game tomorrow, and they say it’s going to rain so that should be LOADS of fun.


Have a great Labor Day weekend and hopefully you get in some slackin’ and relaxin’ in.



In Case you Missed it…which you probably did because I barely blogged this summer. Here’s some highlights…

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