A {Last Hurrah} Sound Bytes of the Week

A Last Hurrah SBOW 2-21-14 via Redhead Reverie

I was supposed to work on Monday, but Mother Nature had other plans. Instead we hunkered down, ate cupcakes, conquered the laundry monster, played Star Wars and watched movies. It was THE perfect stay home day, and I have a feeling it was our last hurrah.


Insta Star Wars


The fact that I’m using all my vacation {and sick time} on hot, cold and snow days, means I won’t be able to stay home again. Also, the calendar will flip to March soon and that means spring is closer than winter.


I’m looking forward to spring with its green grass, and warm breezes. But … I may not be ready JUST yet. Because when there are snow days, and it’s too icy or too cold I have an excuse to be a slacker; to just blow off the day and watch movies with my boys. There’s no pressure to go out and enjoy the sunshine. Instead we cuddle under afghans and read books.


Insta Cuddle


So winter can last a smidge bit longer, because I’m not ready to give all that up yet, or buy fake tanner and try to squeeze into a bikini.


The best part about cuddles, and being home with my boys are the copious amounts of CRAZY Sound Bytes.


Here are a few to start your weekend.


3. “He sounds like a camel in distress.”

I have no idea at what point Big E has heard a camel in distress. However upon hearing Little Red’s moaning at going to school after our snow day, I’d say that was a great comparison.


2. “I have 4 nuggets.”

Each time Little Red uses the potty we now get a play-by-play of what he did. While I’m excited for the movement toward dropping the diapers, I’m not so excited to hear all the potty talk … although that is life with boys.


1. Little Red: “What’s in your mouth mama.”

    ME: “Nothing.”

    Little Red: “Yes something, you are eating.”

    ME: “It’s macaroni.”

    Little Red: “Not macaroni. It’s not crunchy”

Totally busted! Yes, I was eating Girl Scout cookies in front of my children, but in my defense it was the last one.


Well, my lunch hour has almost ticked by, so I should probably hit publish and get back to work.


We don’t have many plans for this weekend. Just mopping floors and cleaning toilets … fun times.


Have a great weekend, and enjoy those cuddles.


Brother Cuddles


In case you missed it, I blogged only ONCE this week.


Last week as part of my partnership with US Cellular I took the #nophone challenge and here’s what happened.


I’m still plugging away on my #365feministselfie project on Instagram. I’m trying to get creative, which means there may or may not be donuts involved.

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