A {Life Happens} Sound Bytes

I almost made it.


My goal to blog everyday for NaBloPoMo was blown yesterday. While I’m kind of bummed, I’m realistic. There was no way in hell I was going to stay up till midnight after a full day and evening of work just to make sure I completed a blog post.


The whole situation was a teachable moment.


If I would have thought about it, I could have planned a Throw Back Thursday post, but my brain wasn’t functioning. However, sometimes it’s ok to miss a day; to embrace the moment. I was crazy busy on Thursday. Work, time with friends and family took priority, and that’s good, because that’s life. Without these crazy life moments I’d have nothing to write about.


So there you have it – I’m sorry, not sorry.


Shit happens, and that’s ok. It’s also ok to make time for things that are important to me – like writing in this space. Intentional planning can make life and blogging run smoother, and I can still experience life. It’s a win, win.


One of my favorite life experiences is the Sound Bytes of the Week.


3. “It’s colder than an ox on an iceberg.”

According to Big E, that’s cold


2. “Totes, Slack me”

I’m talking like the hipsters now. It’s totes awesome.




1. “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

Yep, winter has finally arrived.


Snow Angel


Now I’m off to tuck the kids into bed and settle in with a piece of leftover pie.

Have a great weekend and remember life happens.

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