Listening: Rejuvenate the Soul

A blizzard was predicted, one of epic proportions with blowing snow and icy roads. I heard the wind, and snuggled deeper under the blankets. My body didn’t want to move it wanted to rest. However, the brain carried on, second guessing the decision. “Get up,” it demanded. But my body laid still defying the voices in my head. And eventually sleep found me again.


It was dark as night, but the clock told a different story. It was morning. Pulling my hair into a ponytail I popped in my contacts, and slipped on my tights and sports bra ready for action. Bundling up against the winter cold I ventured to the studio, mumbled morning greetings and got to work. The exercises were new to my brain and body, and through the fatigue I stretched each beyond their limits. Eventually the fog lifted and my body and brain worked in tandem. Stretching, strengthening and learning.

TRX Training


This morning I awake ready to face the day. As I pull my hair into a ponytail, I start second guessing my choice. “You won’t have any other time to write today. If you want the words to flow you MUST make time for them.” It was a warning, but I hemmed and hawed, my brain weighing all the options. Finally, a peek at the clock made my final decision. It was too late to make the gym, but there was still plenty of time to write.

Once I sat down the keyboard began clicking. My typing could barely keep up with my brain. My heart and soul poured out onto the paper. Once all the words had been expelled I felt relaxed, happy and more productive than if I had run three miles.

Writing and Running


There moments in life when we “just know” what we need to feel rejuvenated. Whether it is rest, a good sweat session at the gym or just writing our heart. What do need to feel rejuvenated?



For the month of March, Bigger Picture Blogs is celebrating the turn from winter toward spring with the theme: Rejuvenate! Come join us: Rejuvenate your heart, rejuvenate your soul – pick up your pen, your camera, and your spirit!

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Live. Love. Capture. Encourage.

3 thoughts on “Listening: Rejuvenate the Soul

  1. Brook- I love how you compare exercise to writing creatively. They both take a lot of work!

    I need to rejuvenate but I don’t know where to even begin. A vacation? A cocktail with the girls? Yoga? Writing? … After finals I will be able to let myself do those things. Maybe ALL of those things?!

  2. I second what Alita said – I love that you compared exercising and writing creatively as two ways that rejuvenate AND that you need to MAKE time for both. I’m struggling to get myself motivated and make time for exercise, but I know I NEED it. And I’m learning to be more purposeful of my time and find time for writing, because my soul needs to write even more.
    Stephanie Hanes recently posted..{Bigger Picture Moments} Rejuvenate: Even IfMy Profile

  3. I know I need to get back to writing. I have ideas…just not energy. But I think if I DID write, I would GET energy…like when you workout and you’re tired, the endorphins kick in and then you leave more energetic than when you arrived, right? It probably works like that too.

    Glad you had such a great writing session! Those definitely are rejuvenating!
    Jade @ Tasting Grace recently posted..All The Things I Can Finally SayMy Profile

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