Love My Life: BPM

I love the way they giggle and ask for hugs.


I love the way he nose doinks me as I cook dinner.

The Boys 

I love the way I’ve finally found my place in this world.


I never aspired to be a wife or a mother, but I am.


There are days when it’s hard.


Harder than any corporate meeting or triathlon and sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel.


Like the days I come home from work, and don’t have moment to breathe between changing from work mommy to home mommy.

Mommy Dinner Time 

When the kiddos seem like they hate me, my cooking and my constant questions about their day.




Then there are the other days.


The ones filled with love, hugs and nose doinks.


When everyone, even the itty bitty redhead, gobbles up the dinner I made.


When I have that brief moment to exhale before switching into home mommy mode, and tackling the messy kitchen and laundry.


And the best days … the days I truly LOVE are the everyday days because I have them.


My boys.


My smiles.




My life.

Family Hug 2012



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4 thoughts on “Love My Life: BPM

  1. I feel like I have multiple “mom” personalities, too. 😉 … This resonates- deeply. Its a good love. Its a hard love- Its the only love worth having.

    alita recently posted..GrowthMy Profile

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