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Way. Way. WAY back in the years BC {Before Children} my after work plans consisted of cocktails with the girls or sometimes a dinner date. My work wardrobe would often suffice for these outings with only minor changes like lipstick or a different pair of shoes.


Fast forward and my post work plans consist of playdates with these cuties.


Mall Playing


My work wardrobe still needs some adjustments in order to keep up these two, but it’s a little different than before.


I was a little surprised when I tried searching Work to Playground wardrobe or How to transition from work to playground and I came up with ziltch, zero, Nada… Considering how much society stresses “doing it all” and spending time with our kiddos you think there would be something.


But nope. I was on my own.


I’ve tried to wear my work clothes to soccer games, trips downtown and to the playground. I end up being super uncomfortable and I limit my contact with my kids for fear they will ruin my dry clean only pair of white pants.


I decided to make up my own tips, because going from work to playground can be as easy as 1, 2, 3…



 MSFILES Playground



Any girl knows the importance of a good shoe, and playdates are no exception to this rule. A good sturdy pair is essential for nights out on the playground. If your shoes are pinching your feet, too high or just too dressy for stomping in woodchips you HAVE to ditch them. I opt for my black flats, green canvas Keds or my UGGS {yes I still wear them}. It’s all about comfort and being able to keep up with the boys.



If you are wearing a skirt that day, bring a pair of pants with you to work, or you can wear leggings under your skirt too. Whatever you do just make sure your backside is covered and all tucked in. Often if our playdates are planned I will already be sporting a pair of pants that can handle sticky hands and grass stains. If not, I pack a pair of trusty kakis or jeans, because I don’t want to blind the other parents and children on the playground with an accidental skirt moon.



You know those cute dangling earrings and that long elegant necklace that go perfectly with your entire work wardrobe, ditch ‘em for the playground. Inevitably you will end up catching them on some sort of playground equipment or little grabby hand, which could result in a bloody earlobe or getting close lined. OUCH! You could also hurt the kiddo. I once gouged my youngest’s cheek with a cocktail ring when I went to pick him up…I did NOT win mom of the year that evening.


None of this is set in stone, in fact, it’s just my opinion and you are free to wear whatever you want to hang with your kiddos. The key is to be functional and comfortable, because the key behind being a good date is participating, letting loose and having fun.


Silly Summer


Because playdates keep the grouchies away, for both me and the kiddos.

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