Mom Style Files: April Stitch Fix and Challenge {#msfiles}

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Mom Style Files mission post for a Mom Style Files Stitch Fix Special.


Stitch Fix Stylist


Since I posted about Stitch Fix a month ago I’ve received lots of questions about what comes in each magical box.


Keep in mind that you don’t need to keep everything that arrives in your fix. There have been some fixes where I’ve sent back everything, others where I kept everything and still others where I’ve only kept a couple items.


Here’s what I kept and sent back for this month.


April Stitch Fix Mom Style Files



I really liked the concept of this blouse. Wearing it with a pair of skinny jeans, and sandals. However, it was just too flowy. It needed to be one size smaller then it would be ok. The size factor also combined with the fact that the shirt was see-through meant I’d have to wear another tank under it. Which defeated the purpose of wearing a tanktop in the first place.


April Stitch Fix Mom Style Files

Ezra Mindy Ikat Print Key-Hole Sleeveless Blouse

VERDICT – Sent Back


This shirt was the exact same cut as the Mindy and just needed to be one size smaller.

April Stitch Fix Mom Style FilesEzra Evita Print-Back Mixed Material Top

VERDICT – Sent Back


I already have one pair of cropped skinny jeans, but these fit so well I couldn’t resist keeping them.

April Stitch Fix Mom Style Files

Kensie Angie Cropped Skinny Jean

VERDICT – Keeper


I really liked the simplicity of the design on this scarf and the neutral colors make it very versatile. When it comes to accessories I pretty much keep everything Stitch Fix sends unless it’s something I already have or it’s just REALLY not my style {which hasn’t happened very often}.

April Stitch Fix Mom Style Files

41Hawthorn Adrienne Lightweight Dragonfly Print Infinity Scarf

VERDICT – Keeper


Lastly, my favorite piece of my entire fix, and also the most expensive. Rarely does my fix go over $200, however this piece was an exception. My Stitch Fix stylist Samantha saw that I had pinned this dress onto my Style board, and sent it to me.


Yes, they do check your pinboards. So, pin, pin, pin and it will ensure that your fix is just what you want.


The reason I love this dress is first of all it’s comfortable, like PJ comfortable. Second it’s faltering and stylish, and will be perfect for my Florida trip in June. The only negative {listen up short peeps} it’s REALLY long. I’m 5’7” and even with my platforms I was tripping on it a bit. I’ll just have a friend hem it … easy, peasy, but it’s something to keep in mind if you want this dress. Also, it’s by far THE most expensive item I’ve EVER purchased other than a bridesmaid dress. I justified the price with the fact that I had some affiliate credits ready and waiting.


April Stitch Fix Mom Style Files

Tart Jude Nautical Print Maxi Dress

VERDICT – Keeper


Overall, my April Fix was a win-win, and I can’t wait till my next one in May. In the meantime, I’m holding an informal totally not endorsed by Stitch Fix in anyway 30 day Fix Challenge. Each day for the month of April I’m going to wear one item I’ve received via Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix 30 Day Fix Challenge




First of all because it’s fun, and second because I have a lot of inquires about just how much Stitch Fix can influence your wardrobe.


Many of you have been skeptical. Whether it’s pricing that’s holding you back, remember you get to pick your price point and you keep what you want and can afford, or it’s the styles you will receive. The style issue is a work-in-progress, the more feedback – negative or positive – Stitch Fix receives the better they can tailor your fix. And as you can see pinning your favorites also helps.


Well, I’m off to plan tomorrow’s Stitch Fix outfit.


Do you Stitch Fix?


If you do, share your favorite outfit on Instagram, tag it #msfiles and I’ll feature you on my Facebook and Regram your photo.


If you don’t and are interested in trying out, click here to get started.



The Nitty Gritty: This post contains affiliate links that help support my Stitch Fix habit. Once you sign up, you too can benefit from affiliate credits, and earn money toward your fix habit.

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