Mom Style Files: Can Redheads Wear Red? #msfiles

Seeing Red Mom Style Files #msfiles


As I mentioned before I’m not a true redhead.


I’m a poser if you will.


However, since I’ve been dying my hair red for 20 years I should be inducted into the ginger club. Oh, and I gave birth to a ginger so it’s in my genes.


Anyway, as a former dishwater blond I could wear whatever colors I wanted. When I made the switch to red I found it difficult to have those same fashion freedoms.


I was always told …


“Redheads can’t wear red.”


But is it true?


I posed the question to the powers that be on the internet and here’s what some of my favorite redheads had to say…


Julie from Dutch Being Me

Julie Dutch Being Me

For so long, I hated being different than everyone else with my hair. But now, I’ve come to love my red hair and actually would love to get it to be brighter than it has been for years again. 

I typically don’t look for anything with solid red, just because my skin tone is more “pink” and that tends to draw out my ever “blushing” face… but I do like to look for things with red in the patterns. I don’t like being told to shy away from any color in particular.



Sarah from Bluegrass Redhead

Sarah @Bluegrassred

I grew up in a family of redheads and one lesson was taught to me from an early age – “Redheads don’t wear red!” This prohibition seemed written in stone. There were no exceptions. There were no allowances. Red was out.

I don’t know if it was teenage rebellion or my desire to look like Jessica Rabbit but the first time I wore red was to my senior prom. I wore a strapless red satin dress with a bustle and I LOVED IT. I felt glamorous and beautiful. The dress looked fabulous with my hair and it is a point of pride that I would wear that dress tomorrow if I had a fancy occasion. It was classic and timeless and oh so very RED!

Honestly, that dress didn’t cause red to become a staple in my wardrobe. I’m still hesitant to reach for red while shopping or even in my own closet. Over the years, I’ve tried to pay attention to how redhead celebrities are styled in real life or in roles, especially when wearing red. I still remember being surprised at how many colors I thought were off limits looked fabulous on Cynthia Nixon on Sex and the City. 

Two years ago, red became my signature color in a very different way. I started wearing bright red lipstick. I decided if Joan could rock it on Mad Men so could I! It most likely makes me less likely to wear red but I don’t care because there is some real power in a bold red lip – no matter your hair color!


Angela from Sole Sister on the Run

Angela at Sole Sister on the Run

I think some redheads can really pull off red and look stunning. Unfortunately, when I wear red, it makes my skin look blotchy and red. I will wear red as an accent color once in awhile, but in general, don’t wear it.


Of course the list wouldn’t be complete with my favorite redhead Brittany Gibbons from Brittany, Herself.

Brittany Herself

As a ginger, I am pretty strategic where I incorporate red. It doesn’t lend itself well to my skin tone, so I like to feature it where it feels the sexiest… my lips.


There were also comments on my FB page…




A sweet friend {and fellow redhead} sent me some Pinterest examples.


Redhead in Red


I also found my go to website for all things redhead – How to be a Redhead.


Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti are sisters, best friends, natural-born redheads and co-founders of How to be a Redhead. They hope redheads can finally take a sigh of relief knowing there is [finally] a community that provides top beauty and fashion advice for redheads that can be trusted while also empowering them to live confident lives. The redhead sisters have coined the phrase “Rock it like a Redhead” as the tag line for their blog posts and social media photos to proclaim that it’s all about rockin’ your red hair with certainty and spunk.


And I found this on their site.


So after all the polling and perusing the basic consensus is … “Redheads can rock anything.”


Bring on the Red.


Redhead Rockin' Red

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