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It’s that time of year again. The leaves are raked, the kids are hopped up on Halloween candy and I begin stressing about our holiday cards.


Family Photo


For years we’ve done a photo card. Last year, I didn’t have a decent family photo so I ended up using a collage of Instagram photos. However, in the previous years I’ve coordinated a family photo.


The family photo is a sore point in our house. My husband isn’t the photogenic type, and the kids … well they are kids and have a hard time staying still. I’m cool with the whole thing and even love having my picture taken. However, finding coordinating outfits for my family is enough to make me wish we were nudists.


Easton Family 2012
Photo by Towler Photography


I’m all about a coordinated look. Not necessarily matching argyle sweaters, but a general color scheme is good. My family on the other hand is all about convenience. My husband would be content with a hawkeye t-shirt and jeans while Big E loves a good pair of sweat pants.


Since these are photos that will be published on Christmas cards I’d rather not have us looking like Granimals in different colors and patterns.


This month I’m making it my mission to find the perfect outfits for our family photos; something that will make the hubs and kiddos comfortable while satisfying my Pinterest-type standards.


If you are stressing out about holiday family photos too, stay tuned. I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites from Pinterest and some of my favorite photographers will share their tips and tricks too.


So tell me, do you and your family agree on family photo fashion?



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