Mom Style Files: Find Your Fashion Identity

For years I wore what I wanted and didn’t care what people thought. I was the first one in my high school to wear booties with leggings, and rocked it.


In college I dabbled in menswear before finally succumbing to Birkenstocks and flannel. It was during that time that I made the bold decision to start dying my hair, and I never looked back.


I’ve changed just like the fashions, going from trendy backless shirts to mom slacks and button downs. I never thought much about what I wore. Sure I’d meet the dress code guidelines, but I would push them. With patterned tights and bright colors, including my hair. Which at one job, made my boss write in my review that I needed to be more conservative with my choices.


Mom Style Files Fashion Identity


It was the first and only time I was told my fashion choices went too far. I was upset, but toned back the hair color {a bit} and turned up the conservative fashion attitude.


In November I left that job for a trendier workplace and it came with a new type of wardrobe. One filled with conservative skirts, mixed with comic book t-shirts and converse sneakers.


It’s been an odd feeling of freedom and confusion.


For six years my fashion choices were defined by my work title and office culture, now I’m footloose and fancy-free, and my brain is about to explode.


There are pieces of my wardrobe that have burst wide open. I now have twice as many choices, and it’s been fun to mix and match my conservative side with my whimsical side.


Mom Style Files Fashion


Are you a mom who has changed roles, or jobs and are searching for you fashion identity? It’s a challenge to be sure, whether going from dressy to casual or vice versa.


For this month’s Mom Style Files mission – Find your Fashion Identity – we will show you a few examples so you can find one that’s just right for you, or even two…


Stay tuned.

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