Mom Style Files Informant: Holly from Style from the Sticks {#msfiles}

Holly / Style from the Sticks Mom Style Files Informant


Age: 35

Hometown:  Grundy Center

What You Do:  Stay-at-home mom

Blog website: Style from the Sticks

Style ID:
Classic with bohemian and country twists
(Picture casual Jackie O meets Jenny from Forrest Gump
mixed in with a little Sandra Bullock from Hope Floats)


Describe your style in one word: Eclectic


Share with our readers the inspiration behind Style from the Sticks. 

Before I became a stay-at-home mom, I worked in publishing and advertising.  But I also had a deep seated love for fashion.  I began Style from the Sticks because I saw an avenue to merge my love of fashion and writing.


Where do you find your style inspiration?

Everywhere!  Celebrities, movies, magazines, old photographs, friends, my closet!


Do you pick a piece and then style around it or do you just throw everything together?

Usually I ask myself what I have to do for the day.  Am I running errands or attending a meeting?  And put together an outfit according to the agenda.

Holly / Style from the Sticks Mom Style Files Informant


Have you had any flops?

Absolutely!  But that doesn’t change my love of putting things together.  The misses are few and far between the amazing combinations that result from being not afraid to make a mistake.


Could you take us step by step in styling an outfit?

Sometimes you just know what piece you want to wear.  Look for harmonizing colors to pull from patterned pieces to match, create drama with solid pieces that have texture and use your accessories to tie it all together.

Holly / Style from the Sticks Mom Style Files Informant


What was the hardest thing you’ve ever styled?

It’s more of a challenge to put outfits together for someone whose tastes are very different from your own.


I have trouble matching shoes with an outfit do you have any tips? 

Invest in a few basic pairs that go with many options, such as nude heels.  They can be worn with evening wear or to the office with a suit.  The color disappears from the eye and makes you appear taller.  Also, another option when you are struggling to match shoes with your outfit, go with something that doesn’t match at all.  Like leopard shoes with a red dress.  Or hot pink heels with an all-black outfit.


What was one of your favorite outfits?

Any outfit where I get to wear something fancy is always a favorite.  This stay-at-home mom appreciates getting dressed up once in a while!


Your personal style idol is…

Currently, probably Cate Blanchett (I love her red carpet looks) and Kate Middleton.  And from the past, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O.

“As a busy mom, I know how easy it is to get stuck in the yoga pant rut.  But your clothing is a way to express yourself and show the world your personality.  Be creative and true to yourself.  Don’t be trapped by trends.  Remember that you feel good when you look good.  You only get one life to look your best!”


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Thank you Holly for your style advice. I know I’m definitely going to use the tip about shoes {I knew I should have bought that nude pair of flats at Target}. Oh, the tip on starting with a different piece each time, that will make me step out of my style rut for sure.

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