Mom Style Files Mission: Work AND Play #MSFILES

MS Files Work AND Play


I hope you all enjoyed your day off last Monday for the Labor Day holiday.


My family did.  We spent the day playing, and playing and still more playing until it was too dark too see little hands in front of little faces. Those days are the best aren’t they?


However, now it’s time to head back to the daily grind of work, but there are times when I still want to play.


That’s why we made this month’s Mom Style Files mission Work to Playground, because all work and no play makes mommy {and kids} grouchy.


As we slowly transition into fall and the rhythmn of school schedules, we’ve been making the most of the time between work and dinnertime.


MS Files Work AND Play


However, sometimes my work wardrobe doesn’t translate well to playground-type activities. Because white dress pants and toddler hands just don’t agree. Nor do high heels and skirts.


What’s a working girl to do?


That’s the question we are going to answer for you.


So stay tuned for next week as we show you some of our go-to playground pieces, and no yoga pants are NOT on the list. And how to transition that work outfit to a night out on the playground without packing a second wardrobe in your work-bag.


Enjoy your week and keep on playing.



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