Mom Style Files: Stitch Fix Challenge Update and Accessorize Me

I’m well over halfway through my Stitch Fix 30 Day challenge and have only worn three items more than once, two of which are accessories.


Accessorize Me Mom Style Files


My gold hoop earrings.



My gold dangle earrings.

Accessorize Me Mom Style Files



These skinny capris by Kensie.

Accessorize Me Mom Style Files


This is basically, my weekend wardrobe, paired with a t-shirt of course.


It’s ironic that two out of the three are accessories considering over a year ago I wasn’t even wearing earrings. Sure my ears were pierced, but for some reason I had dropped accessorizing from my wardrobe repertoire.


Back in the day, I was big into accessories. My dresser was crowded with jewelry boxes. I owned gazillions of earrings, necklaces and rings. Claries Boutique was my go to for accessories – did I mention this was WAY back in High School.


I’m not sure what happened between High School and now. Perhaps it was the grunge era, you know cause fancy earrings with a flannel and Doc Martens don’t really say grunge.


Or maybe it was having kids. It’s hard to wear accessorize when littles use your necklace as a teether and earrings as a new toy to yank on. Plus finding clean clothes was a big enough battle let alone trying to remember jewelry.


I guess the biggest turning point for me was when I finally lost the baby weight after my second son, and had to buy new clothes. The sales lady, in an effort to upsell me, accessorized one of my outfits. The moment my eye spied the sparkle I was hooked.


However, I needed to rebuild my jewelry collection. So when I signed up for Stitch Fix over a year ago, I requested more accessories. Here are a few of my favorites that you can also incorporate into your wardrobe.

Accessorize Me Mom Style Files

The simple gold hoop. {Mentioned above}


Accessorize Me Mom Style Files

The statement necklace.

 April Stitch Fix Mom Style Files

The spring scarf.


Accessorize Me Mom Style Files

The winter scarf.


Accessorize Me Mom Style Files

The long necklace.


I’m really digging the way a simple accessory can just make an outfit look more finished and put together, and I can’t wait to see what else I get in May’s Stitch Fix box.


Stay tuned we will be kicking off our Accessorize Me Challenge in May.


By the way. You can follow the rest of my Stitch Fix Challenge on Instagram by searching #Fix30 or better yet just follow me on Instagram.

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