Mom Style Files: Three Tips for Mixing Patterns {#msfiles}

MSFiles Rule Breaker


So, how have you been doing breaking the fashion rules?


Have you worn white or combined gold and silver jewelry?


Out of all the rules the one I have the hardest time with is mixing patterns. I talked about this last summer when I combined floral shorts with a striped shirt {gasp}. Once I realized no one was going to point and laugh, I decided it might be time to be a bit braver.


Here are my top three tips on how to mix patterns.


Mixing Patterns


1. Compliment don’t Compete

The key to coordinating patterns is to allow your patterns to compliment each other not compete with one another. For example a large floral pattern shouldn’t be worn with a large stripe. Always keep one pattern smaller than the other, and a good rule of thumb is to only have two patterns in one outfit.


mixing patterns 2

In the outfit above I paired large polka dots with a pair of gray pinstripe pants. As you can see from the photo, the pants almost look just plain gray and take on a neutral palette.


2. Be Subtle

Accessories are nice subtle way to mix patterns. A printed scarf with a coordinating top, or leopard print belt with a striped cardigan are a great way to dabble in pattern mixing.


3. Stay in the same color family

This is my top guideline for mixing patterns. I typically pick one color and try to work around it, black makes an easy base color. The key is to look cohesive and not confusing. If you have too many contrasting colors and patterns you will look more clown than chic.


This week I’ll be following these tips and sharing my outfits on Instagram search #msfiles to follow all our Mom Style fashion tips and become inspired.


Feel free to add your own #ootd to our #msfiles tag as well and you may be featured in upcoming Mom Style Files posts.

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