Mom Style Files: I Wore a Fedora & Stitch Fix 30 Recap

Today I wore a fedora in honor of our May Mom Style Files mission.


Accessorize Me Mom Style Files


I also wore my fedora because I swam this morning and my hair was a little meh, and unfortunately I can’t wear a baseball cap to work.


Mom Style Files Bad Hair

The response has been interesting…


The hubs just looked at me and shook his head.


My co-workers stared at it, but didn’t say a word.


For moment I felt like a bird was sitting on my head the way everyone kept staring.


I know a fedora is a lot to absorb on Monday morning.


Fedora Head Shot


However, even though people have been awkwardly staring I have received LOTS of compliments. The fedora is something different and fun, and people like fun…especially on a Monday.


How are you doing on our May Accessorize Me Mission?


We’d love to see your photos, just tag them with #msfiles and we will feature them on the blog and repost them in Instagram.


Now it’s time to share what I learned from wearing Stitch Fix for 30 Days.


Stitch Fix 30 Day Fix Challenge


When I started the Stitch Fix Challenge, I was a little nervous about whether I could pull it off.


Thirty days is a long time, and I’ve only received 16 fixes, so you do the math.


As it turns out it was easier than expected {other than the fickleness of our Iowa weather}. Of course a challenge like this can become a learning opportunity as well, and here are a few things I learned along the way…


1. Planning my outfits is a great time saver.
Due to the nature of the challenge I had to plan every single outfit. At first it was annoying, but toward the end it was so nice to wake up and not have to worry about what to wear. My mornings are hectic what with triathlon training and getting everyone off to school, so pre-planning my outfit was one less item on the morning To Do list, which meant less yelling and crying.


Mom Style Files Stitch Fix 30 Day Challenge


2. I actually DO have something to wear in my closet.
How often do you look in your closet frustrated and complain that you have nothing to wear? I used to do it ALL the time, mostly because I never took the time to actually look inside my closet. It’s easy to fall into a fashion rut, and when my go-to pieces are buried in Mt. Laundry, it’s a common reaction to complain. However, this challenge forced me to experiment and mix and match pieces that I normal wouldn’t have. Now I look at my closet and get excited about all the opportunities.


Mom Style Files Stitch Fix 30 Day Challenge


3. My wardrobe has grown thanks to Stitch Fix
When you only receive one box a month and maybe keep one or two items on average it’s hard to realize just how much that can add up over a year. I was amazed at how many pieces in my closet were actually Stitch Fix finds.


So for those of you who think you can’t build a wardrobe with the Stitch Fix think again…in 30 days I only wore two things twice – gold hoop earrings and my Kensie skinny capris – the only reason I did that was because of work obligations and the weather. Otherwise, I still had at least four other outfits I could have worn, and as I mentioned I’ve only had 16 fixes.


Check out all my out fits here and here.


Overall I’d say my 30 day journey with Stitch Fix was a success. If you’ve been thinking of trying them out I encourage you to give it a whirl. You never know what surprises you will find, heck you might be like me and find a whole new wardrobe and your inner fashionista.


The nitty gritty: This post contains affiliate links that help support my Stitch Fix habit. However, all love of fashion and monthly fixes is my own.

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