Mom Style Files: A Year in Review and YOU! {#MSFiles}

Last year when Melissa and I decided to start our Mom Style Files feature, our goal was to help our fellow mamas step out of their black yoga pants and find their inner fashionista.


This might sound crazy, but before I had children I was a mini-fashionista. I didn’t have the budget to go crazy, but I cruised fashion magazines and adopted some trends into my wardrobe. I wore earrings every day, had more than one purse and shoes for every occasion.


Then I had kids.


It wasn’t like my inner fashionista was gone forever. I think she just fell into hibernation. My body was out of whack, I didn’t have time to go shopping and the kids were easier to dress than myself. All my resources went toward cute outfits for them and I was left wearing black dress pants to work and black sweat pants at home.


After the birth of my second child and getting my body back, I was still being a little lacksidasical with my clothing choices. Opting for comfort rather than style. It wasn’t until Melissa suggested starting the Mom Style Files that I fully realized what had happened to me.


I couldn’t blame my fashion choices on body shape or finances. It was me. I had just stopped caring. All my energy and focus were on the kids and I ignored myself.


Our first Mom Styles Files Mission – Bangin’ Bangs was the kick in the butt I needed to regain my inner fashionista.


I never would have taken such a risk years ago, but I was ready to rock the bangs.




As the month’s passed we tackled skirts, vintage, swimwear and exercise chic.


While The Mom Style Files helped me, our mission wasn’t to just help ourselves although that happened.


Our mission was to help YOU.


Mom Style Files Dilemma


We recruited Rosie, one of our readers, who needed a little help wearing skirts again. She successfully and fashionably completed the mission, and inspired others along the way.


We also recruited women who emulated not only style but also self-confidence. Women like Jill and Peyton, my favorite redhead and body image spokeswoman Brittany Gibbons and the creator of Swirlgear Lacie Whyte.


msfiles informants


It has been a great year, but you know what would make it even better?




We want to hear from you.


What’s YOUR style dilemma?


What fashion trend are you dying to try?


What will get you out of your black yoga pants?


We want to feature real moms who need to find their inner fashionista, just like me. It’s time to stop hibernating in your yoga pants and start 2014 in style.


Stay tuned our mission has just begun.


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