My 5 Favorite TRIFashion Brands & Vote for My Outfit {#MSFILES}

Happy Monday!

How are you all doing on our Mom Style Files Fit Fashion mission?

Fit Fashion #MSFILES

Are you wearing your Yoga pants for Yoga class and not to run the kids to swim lessons {ahem}?

Have you ditched the ‘90’s Motley Crew workout t-shirt for a cute dri-fit workout shirt?

If not, you only have three more weeks. If you have, then snap a photo and tag it #MSFILES.

Today I’m going to talk about a specific kind of Fit Fashion. You may or may not do triathlons, but for me it a way of life. Beginning in March I start my formal training, swimming, biking and running my mornings away before the world even wakes up.

So, I thought I’d focus a little on TRI fashion, because when I compete I want to look good.

Four years ago when I entered my first triathlon, I wasn’t really sure about the sport. I didn’t know if this swim, bike, run thing would be come a regular summer ritual or just be a one-time flash in the pan. So, I didn’t invest much money in anything. I borrowed everything but the bike, including a tri-suit.

What’s a tri-suit?

It’s like a weird leotard that is made for all three sports. It dries quickly post-swim, it has a large butt cushion for the bike ride and it’s lightweight and breathable for the run.


The one I borrowed, lacked some style …

First Triathlon

In fact, it made me look like a giant sausage. That and the one-piece made it a little hard to use the potty.

After that fashion debacle I vowed to look fashionable no matter what.

Second Year

Second TRI

Nike Tank
TYR TRI Shorts

Third Year

Third Tri

TYR TRI Shorts

This Year…

I’m not exactly sure what I wanted to wear this year. Trying to find TRI apparel at my local sports shops is difficult. Often they have only one or two tanks, and a pair of black shorts. BORING!

So, I hit the internet in search of some cool tri gear.

Top 5 TRI Fashion Brands via Redhead Reverie

Here are five of my favorites…

1. Betty Designs

Headed up by triathlete/sufer/skiier and graphic designer, Kristin Mayer. Betty Designs makes bold, girl power swimwear, tri tanks and shorts, and cycling jerseys. Serious who doesn’t love butterflies and skulls as a combo? You can even hire her to make a custom tank or jersey for you or your team. I’m thinking this might be just what my inner fit fashionista needs when she crosses the finish line.


Created in 2010 as one of the pioneering women’s specific triathlon training clothing lines, they believe that creating triathlon clothing for women is more than just “pinking it and shrinking it.” The unique designs {in more than just pink}, and the wider hips and a velvety soft shammy to protect your lady parts on the bike are just some of the female-friendly attributes that make me want to hop online and order.

3. TYR

I’ve been wearing TYR swimwear for years, so when I started doing triathlons it just seemed like a natural transition. While their styles are still a tad colorless when it comes to tri gear. I did find this adorable tank with butterflies {totally my thing}. The fit is great, and I love how quickly it dried out of the water.

4. Pearl Izumi

More than 50 years ago in Tokyo, a father produced Japan’s first bicycle racing apparel for his son, a promising racer. Today, Pearl Izumi USA, Inc. has evolved into the world’s foremost line of technical- performing and quality manufactured sports apparel. The name Pearl Izumi USA, Inc. is derived from the gem “pearl” and an area of Japan known for its clear water “Izumi.” Literally translated, our name means, “fountain of pearls.”  Everyone in my spin class wears this brand of bike shorts and I knew a number of triathletes who did too. So, I figured I might give them a tri this year…

5. Zoot

Born in Kona, Hawaii, the home of the Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Zoot Sports began making performance apparel that catered to elite athletes competing in the emerging sport of Triathlon. A woman by the name of Christal Nylin, who lived in Kona, noticed that the athletes competing in Ironman needed something more functional to race in. In other words, a solution to avoid having to use transition as a “changing area”. Thank goodness otherwise I’d be still wearing that horrid grey and black tri suit from 4 years ago. I love the bright colors and the cute details on their shorts, which make girls look like girls even on the course.

So, now I have a dilemma … one tri and two tri outfits. What’s a girl to do?

Number 1 – Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi

Number 2 – Zoot


Well, have YOU my readers vote, of course!

Because I can’t make any decisions during race week and I totally trust all of you. So comment here on which one you like the best {1. Pearl Izumi or 2. Zoot} and I’ll announce the winner on race day.

*Even if you don’t tri, many of the companies listed cater to swimmers, cyclists and runners, so there’s something for everyone.

Now get out there and show off your inner fit fashionista, snap a photo and tag it #MSFILES.

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