My Favorite BPM of 2012

I happened upon her site, after making the rounds for virtual coffee, she had taken a self portrait. It was an accidental shot that turned into a cute photo, and I could tell she was uncertain. I personally thought it was adorable and immediately commented that she looked “stunning” and I loved it.


From that moment I knew we would be friends.


It was from her blog that I stumbled over to this space. I was looking for a village, a group of women who shared a passion for creativity and living intentionally. For split second I was worried, that it would be too religious, that my heathen heart wouldn’t be able to find a home here. But, oh, was I wrong. This was exactly what my heart needed, and from the moment I started participating in Bigger Picture Moments I knew I wanted to help contribute, to lend my voice to the creative souls behind this space on the web.


In June, my dream came true. For me it was like winning the lottery, and to be honest whatever comes next will never compare to that day when she called and asked me to contribute on this journey of intentional living.


Being a part of this community has literally changed my life. I know it sounds cliché, but it is so true, and today as we take a look back I want to share my Favorite Bigger Picture Moment with all of you.



A little background before I share.


The week it was announced that Corinne and I would be joining the Bigger Picture team, they were celebrating their second birthday. As a unique way to celebrate we were paired up with another person and given song lyrics to write our BPM for the week. It was one of the BEST collaborations I’ve ever been a part of, because I was paired with the talented Michelle who created the stunning piece of artwork to accompany my words, and our song was Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons. At that moment, just like when I met the girls from BPB I knew I had met a soul mate for life.


Here’s our collaboration…





A mother listens intently to the heartbeat of her unborn child.

She smiles, imagining the life her child will experience.




The beginning.

Click here to read more…




Do you have a favorite Bigger Picture Moment from 2012? If you do, pop over and link it up over at Corinne’s today.

Next week we will be linking up our ONE WORD for 2013. We’d love to hear all about it and the inspiration behind it, and link it up at Alita’s NEXT WEEK.

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