A {Non-Recovery} Sound Bytes #SBOW

Yo! Peeps it’s Friday. Can you believe it?


I can’t.


I’ve come to the conclusion that hangovers at the ripe age of 39 truly suck. It took me three days…THREE days to finally feel like normal. Whew! It will be a while before I do that again…OUCH.


Sandy and I at ISU


This week has been a little unforgiving in terms of aiding my hangover recovery.


It’s been go, go and GO!!


We kicked off our fall sports schedule for the littles. Actually it started last week, but I forgot about registration…mom fail…or was it mom didn’t want the hassle of more stuff to worry about…hmmm…


Anyway, registering the kids for rec sports is like putting together an intricate puzzle. Trying to finagle the right date and time, and coordinating pick ups and drop offs. Then when you have two it just gets crazy, and that’s when I grab chocolate and just curl up in the fetal position for a while.


Once that debacle was accomplished, life zoomed by in a blur. Work events, practicing spelling words and doing homework {yes homework in first grade}, playing pirates, cooking dinners, folding laundry and hiding in the bathroom {that last one is me}.




Even though it went fast we were still able to squeeze in some Sound Bytes of the Week.


3. “Mom, I just want to talk to dad about it ok. It’s guy stuff.”

{cue tears} This is so bittersweet as I absolutely LOVE the connection he has with his dad, but this mama needs some love too.


2. “Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Climb aboard, Me FARTIES, and be a pirate true.
Let’s go! With Jake and the Neverland Pirates
We’ll set the course together – Come on and join the crew!”

Yep, count on boys to add the word fart to any song and then repeat it over and over and over…


1. “T why you have no hair?”

OMG! Seriously, milk practically came out of my nose at dinner when G said this to our friend. Plus, he said it so seriously like he was really worried about it. The funniest thing though is that E said the same thing to the same friend when he was three. CRAZY!!!


Well, that’s it from here. Looking forward to another football game, this time we are at home and bringing the kiddos, which really means we will sit in bleachers and eat popcorn for three hours.


Hopefully, I can take Sunday and recover a little bit before next week’s busyness.

Out the Window


Have a great weekend!




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