Number Nine

B2 and I celebrated our ninth anniversary yesterday.

Crazy isn’t it? I can’t believe nine years. Oh, and if you ask B2 he’ll say it feels more like 50…har har.

I use the word celebrate lightly as we couldn’t find a babysitter, and B2 was SUPER stressed trying to get some websites finished.

But…we did go out for dinner, dragging along a one year old with a boogie nose and an uber hyper four year old.

And we did this…

Let me give you a little background about the roses. When we were figuring out our vows and ceremony details I was looking for something different. I wasn’t really into the whole unity candle thing. Plus we have a bazillion sets of parents and I didn’t want to leave anyone out when it came to who would light the candles. So…I decided on the rose ceremony.

Basically, you exchange roses as a symbol of your “gift” of love to each other. And you must nurture them and help them bloom like your love. You know mushy stuff like that.

Plus, this is the easiest way for:

1. Your husband to remember your anniversary.
2. To guarantee you will get flowers on your anniversary.

You know I joke, but it is very meaningful to both of us, and when we are so super busy with work, kids and life in general it helps us remember why we feel in love in the first place.

FYI, it’s because he’s hot, makes great waffles and is a SUPER dad.

2 thoughts on “Number Nine

  1. >So now I feel HORRIBLE for not watching the boys last night! Next time tell me that it is your anniversary, I will cancel my dinner plans next time!!

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