An {Official} Sound Bytes of the Week

Celebrate #redturns40

Well, it officially came and went – the big 4-0. There was some singing, some dancing, some drinking {UGH} and loads of birthday wishes.


There were however no Porsches or trips to Europe, but that’s ok.


Because this is better …



Now that I’ve been officially 40 for a over a week, some things have started happening that make me think the whole “it all goes downhill after 40” are a little true.


Like my horrible, horrible hangover that will NEVER. EVER. HAPPEN AGAIN.


Like the gazillion of doctor appointments I’ve had this week, which involved three needle sticks in one day. I did however reward myself with a much needed brownie.


Like sleeping in most of this week instead of heading to the gym. Although I attribute this to the fact that it’s FREAKING COLD in the morning and I don’t want to get out of bed.


However in my whole first week of being 40 only those three things were cause for alarm and really those would have happened no matter how old I was. So it’s not all bad.


In fact, I can’t really tell a difference. Other than it’s fun to tell people I’m 40 and have them cock their head to one-side like a dog and stare at me like I’m a bedazzled unicorn. I admit {not to be braggish} that I do look young for my age. Hopefully, this lasts forever and when I reach 100, the old single men in the retirement community will still think I’m only 90. Woot, Woot!

This is 40

But I’m not in any hurry.


Life is going fast enough.


Sometimes so fast it takes my breath away.


I can’t even believe it’s almost Halloween. We are almost ready I just need to finish a little houscharming, some pumpkin carving and figure out my costume. On a side note why do all female superheroes look like hookers…I’m just sayin’.

Halloween 2013

Meanwhile my youngest is singing “Jingle Bells” while wearing his Halloween costume, so I think I’m fighting an uphill battle. You can find me in my fleece PJs huddled on the couch watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and eating Halloween candy from my children’s pumpkin buckets, trying to drown out his musical serenade.


However, no amount of candy eating can drown out this week’s Sound Bytes.


3.  E: “Mom why does he get to sit on his blankie and I don’t?”
G: “E, just be cool. It’s my Hawkeye blankie and I want to sit.”

I spit out my Mini Wheats I was laughing so hard. G had the situation totally under control and after he told his brother to “be cool” there was no more whining. Perhaps I should put that in my arsenal of momisms or just have G be the mom from now on.


2. “Awkward” {said in a teenager 80’s type voice}

G {the three year old} has started saying this. I have NO idea where it came from. However I blame the Disney Channel.


1. {insert No, I don’t want to, or I hate you, etc.} “__________ Poopy Mommy.”

Poopy Mommy has been my new nickname…yippee {insert eye roll} Yesterday I asked why he called me that and he said it’s cause he loves me…hmmm…ok, buddy FYI you won’t get many girlfriends by calling them poopy…just sayin’.


Well, this Poopy Mommy is headed home soon and is looking forward to a quiet night with pizza, a movie and cuddles.


What do you have planned?


Halloween 2013

Have a great weekend.


In case you missed it…


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